Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Good, Mostly

Okay, if you are reading this, don't.
Go down to the post below first, cause this is like the second part.
Go ahead!
I'll wait.
Okay, so to do my cable job, I needed well, cables:

That's right sports fans!
Genuine Campagnolo!
Nothing but the best for this here bike!
Okay, I was going to try me some Yokozunas, but these were cheaper.
Anyways, they come in a complete set, which was a good thing:

I started off with the rear brakes and ran into a pesky Italian thing.
The ferrules wouldn't fit on the larger diameter brake housing.
So I improvised and wrapped the end with some electrical tape so that the end would fit snugly into to the guide on the top tube:

So it seems like they(the Italians) didn't put everything in there.
Luckily, I found another thingy in my tool box and took off the tape.
I've never done these Ergo Shifters or STIs before so I was a bit concerned about the shifters.
No problem.
The old cables came out and the new ones went right on in.
Again, a ferrule problem.
The new ones wouldn't fit in the shifter.
No problem, I just used the old ones.
The chain stay thingy is sort of funky, there's a reducer for the guide:

Thankfully Campagnolo gives you that one, for that's the one that had split open.
Fit right in:

Now, that bottom bracket thingy.
I don't know why, but it appeared to me as if it had been mounted backwards.
I took it off and cleaned it, and put it on the other way.
Routed the cables, tuned the derailleurs and a happy camper was I.
Then I started to look at the pictures of that guide:

I stuck a piece of inner tube under there for the cable was rubbing the frame.
The more I looked at the picture, the more I realized the guide thingy was on correctly in the first place!
Boy, what was I thinking?
So, off it came and back on it went:

This time, the correct way.
The cable still rubs so I left that inner tube piece under there.
The thing is, the cables still sit on the down tube.
Just barely, but they do touch.
At first I thought maybe the down tube was tweaked or something but then I remembered the weird shape:

Remember, it's triangulated?
I guess some rub can't be helped.
Okay, so there you go.
Fresh cables.
Oh, and one bad thing I found:

It would appear the rear derailleur is cracked where you lock the cable down.
It still works and not really a problem for I was looking for a nine speed Mirage derailleur anyways.
Now I'm just looking harder.


Steve A said...

Do Campy dérailleurs vary with the number of speeds? I thought not. I'm looking for a SRAM derailleur.

limom said...

Nan, not speed specific, the 8 speed graphics were just bothering me.
Aesthetics and all that.

Trevor Woodford said...

Glad to see that your still working well on the 'Italian Stallion'.
And your right to think about the aesthetics- after all it is Italian and style is really important....!!

Apertome said...

my '09 Bianchi Imola has the same sort of triangulated downtube. Interesting.

You are putting some real love into this bike. I hope it reciprocates!

Chandra said...

Impressive! I have never changed a brake cable so far in my life. But after reading your post, even a chicken like me is enthused!

Peace :)

limom said...

Trevor, say it with me: image is everything.

Apertome, I think perhaps I am putting a bit too much into it.
More on that later.

Chandra, cables aren't so bad, just make sure you got a nice set of cable cutters.
They make life easy.
The cable cutters I mean.