Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Final

Great day for riding, though I did catch some water falling from the sky.
Not a lot, just enough to ruin the wax job I did on my frame.
So, before I clean and re-polish, some stuff I need to get to so that I can delete it from the archives.
If you've been following along at home, you may remember this book I got called Ancient Sites of O'ahu:

There's a couple of places near here, one I already posted about, the other one too, sort of.
Then there's the one I pass by like three or four times a week:

Rocks and rock formations are a big deal here.
Being volcanic and all, there aren't too many gigantor rocks about, the island is mainly basalt.
The pohaku, or rocks above, are probably part of a fishing shrine, according to the book.
I pass under this formation each time I go into Lanikai. It's located across the street from the lookout, the place the Bianchi is parked in the picture at right, also across from the concrete Lanikai pillar thingy.
You can't really see the whole thing for believe it or not there's like a house that was built on it, or more like around it.
The rocks I mean.
The house was built around the rock formation:

Now, how a private residence gets built around some ancient Hawaiian site, I don't know. Native Hawaiians are border line militant about preserving these types of places, so I find it quite amazing.
Anyways, there's also a legend about a man named Kanepolu, but I'll look him up and give you the full scoop.
Here's a pic I took on Tuesday:

This is where Kaelepulu stream exits into the ocean, right on Kailua beach.
You, the reader, may remember the post I did when they were clearing the opening.
They do that every once in a while to let the water drain out and to prevent flooding.
Well, the interesting thing about this is, the opening is still there!
I've never seen the water flowing out for more than a couple of days in a row, before the wave action builds up the sand and closes it back up again.
So far, it's been over a week and counting.
I may have to talk to the lifeguards and find out what's going on.
There was an open house of sorts today at the Kailua dialysis place so I went to check it out:

The band was playing and they had some keiki(children) hula dancers doing their thing.
Well, actually during that picture, they were doing some Tahitian dancing.
The new place is huge, with flat screen TVs for each chair.
Hopefully, I get there in February.
They have to get certified and all that.
Then back at home, a good thing/bad thing happened:

One of the UFTs bit the dust.
Or more like I killed it.
With my sheer stupidity and neglect.
Don't really want to talk about it.
If you know what I mean.
Well, it's only clay as I like to say, I can always make more.
Which I should be doing.
Making more.
Mugs at least, since I sold like six of em.
I need to sell like thirty more mugs, then I can afford a new bike!
It's about time I started working on some clay stuff again, but the weekends have so nice, I sorta haven't had time.
Right now though, I need to wax the bike and find some five minute epoxy.


John Romeo Alpha said...


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John Romeo Alpha said...

I see vacuum tubes in the rubble of a smashed ceramic spacecraft!! So many questions this raises.

limom said...

Ah, I though something like tire tubes!
No, those are 12AX7 driver tubes for my mono block amplifiers.
I run 2A3 SET amps.
Or they could be 12AT7s.
Or something.
I think those tubes were rescued from some abandonned equipment when I was in school.
The NOS stuff is in a secret location.