Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

The transformation is almost complete.
I decided to move the Cateyeball V2 from The Flat Tire Cannonball Express over to the Bianchi.
Now the Cateyeball V2 should not be confused with a Kamen Rider V3:

I've been riding the Bianchi exclusively since the beginning of the year and I think I'll use the other bike for more leisurely though exceptionally fast rides.
The Bianchi as moved ahead on the depth chart to primary bicycle.
The sensor mount:

I'm off to the hardware store later to see if I can find me some colored zip ties.
Like clear or that's right! celeste.
More likely I'll take some fashion cues from Paddy Anne of Pedal Talk fame and settle for dark blue.
Sorry PA, no orangy on this bike.
I haven't quite settled on where to mount the display yet, I don't like it on the bars:

You'll see why in a minute.
To finish up the optional equipment, the heart rate monitor had to be mounted also.
I was going to try something simple, like some foamy type pipe insulation, but that didn't work out so good for the control cables are like right up against the handle bars.
So I deferred to the Polar mount which allows the cables to run under it:

Because of the bar tape and the width of the bars, I don't have a whole lot of, uh, dashboard.
I am looking at some of those extender thingys which attach to the bars and extend forward so you can mount this stuff and some lights or something.
For now, this is what I got:

If you've been following along at home, you, the reader, know that the asymmetry there is bothering me.
Boy, I think it's time to start looking into one of those one thingy does everything computers like maybe a Cateyeball V3 or a Garmin.
Or maybe another Polar.
Okay, maybe not another Polar for I think the reason I didn't go there in the first place was that they use two separate sensors for speed and cadence.
Anyways, I'm all set for a new year of pain and suffering!
Oh, and that Haleiwa Metric Century is like right around the corner. This year I plan to finish without cooking myself well done.
So this year means longer rides, at least 25 and hopefully more like 30 or 35 miles.
I'm still trying to remember to hydrate, though because of my renal thing, it's a bit problematic trying to figure how much is enough and how much is too much.
Anyways, today is dial it in day as I make more handle bar and now saddle tweaks.
Weather permitting of course.


Trevor Woodford said...

An all in one unit is the way to go. I have a Garmin and each of my bikes is programmed into it, so when I swap it from bike to bike all details of that bike and riding history is already there.
Dont know whether you can obtain them in celeste though - so that might be a drawback....

limom said...

Yeah, I been looking at the Garmin 500.
I don't like that you have to recharge it though, I'm the type that forgets.
Not worried about the color.
I got the touch up paint.