Monday, January 3, 2011

Reach and Drop

That's what it's come down to.
How far, and how low.
There are like a GAGILLION different types of bars out there, I know, I've looked a them all. Still, the perfect one eludes me.
I think.
Some Ritcheys arrived in the mail today so I was all excited to get them mounted so I could try them out.
The reach on the old bars were like ten feet, the new bars are like 86mm:

The difference in reach there is about 25mm. The tops are also a little flatter and that helps with the positioning.
The new bars are also wider:

The old bars were 38s, center to center, the new bars are 42cm wide.
I also got me some quillness bling:

I got a bit more rise out of the Nitto, actually about the same as the old stem, except I'm right at the insertion depth, not above it like before.
Same length on the stem, 90mm.
So I put it all together and oh oh!
The brake cable is too short.
No matter, I put it all back together and ride out to the LBS to get another.
Cable I mean.
So what's it all mean?
Length wise, it's getting better.
Not as stretched out as before, but still a bit on the longish side.
Maybe I'll just get used to it.
The drop is still a, well, drop.
These bars have around 145mm of drop, it feels more like a foot.
On the Allez, I ran FSA Wings with a drop of 135 and those felt better.
I only rode five miles or so before I came home to redo the brake cable so the jury is still out.
I am thinking ahead though.
There's another set of Ritcheys I can try with 75mm of reach and a 130 drop.
Or, I could get another quill, a shorter reach and more rise.
Or I could get both and see how that works.
Again, the problem here is the quill and the 26.0 diameter bars.
Very limited assortment, so it's sort of hit and miss.
I also think I went too wide on the bars, maybe a 40 would have been good.
Don't get me wrong here, the fit is good, just not great.
I'll give this set up a week or so to see how it goes.
Now, for the bar tape.
The bar tape.
It's hard to believe how difficult a decision choosing bar tape can be.
I mean seriously, it's just some padded tape that you hardly notice when you're busy crushing the souls of women and small children.
Okay, some women.
Okay, okay, mostly old women.
Make that some old women.
Folding bikes still give me nightmares.
Anyways, I kinda like the black tape with my new black seat.
I ordered some celeste hoods, just to see what they would look like.
Then I thought, boy, celeste hoods, not very good for the image.
I don't have to tell you, image is everything.
Still, they might work out.
In the end though, I'll order the celeste tape, just to try it even though I know they'll be tough to keep clean.
Then I'll have to order the celeste jersey, the celeste water bottle, the celeste tires, and the celeste cable end thingys.
It won't end.
Until the next bike.
Which may not be too far away.
I didn't say that.


Steve A said...

I see a Celeste - blog background!

Trevor Woodford said...

You forgot to mention the Celeste socks - the Celeste shoes - the Celeste gloves - the Celeste..............................
.....................................................................................................................................the Celeste shades and that's just your first month.!
Now next month you can get a Celeste chain- a Ce......... Well you get the idea. Bank balance (and image) is everything.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Bianchi makes helmets which are available in a certain shade referred to as "celeste".

limom said...

Celeste, it's not just for breakfast anymore.

Apertome said...

FWIW, I love Nitto Noodle bars. Available in 26, with various widths.

limom said...

I looked at the Nittos, and may look at them again. What kind of reach is on those?

Apertome said...

According to this site,
Reach: 110mm
Drop: 130mm

(Not endorsing the site, I have never seen it before, just googled and they were first to come up.)

I didn't do a very good sell on the Noodles. The info from Rivendell is what sold me on 'em. Now I have two pairs. Oddly, they list things differently
Reach: 95mm
Drop: 140mm
That same page also says:
82mm reach, 135mm drop

So now I don't know what to believe!

They also offer Mark's bar which has less reach and drop.

limom said...

That Mark's bar looks nice! I like the curve in the drops.
Not really digging the ergo stuff.
The Noodle's got some sweep, but not enough to offset the reach, I think.