Friday, March 18, 2011

Chain of Events

Sort of.
I mean they are sort of related.
In a way.
It always starts off with one thing and then that one thing leads to another thing and then that other thing leads to another thing and well, you get my drift.
Then there's this whole bicycling thing, which just never seems to end.
Never ever.
Anyways, it all started off with that Centaur group.
See, it has those newfangled D Jack Skeleton brakes, all shiny like and cool looking:

That's all fine and dandy.
Except when you got to clean them.
For they do get a bit dirty:

Lemme tell you, those are some nooks and crannies there.
Well, the other day I decided to give them a good brush down. I took off the wheels and got my Simple Green and tooth brush all at the ready.
Then I realized that I had to flip the bike upside down to really get at those hard to reach places.
With the chain flopping all around and banging on the stays, that just wouldn't do.
Hello evil eBay!
I remember seeing some chain thingy, a thing that holds the chain while the wheel is off and a quick search produced this:

It's got a plastic thingy where the chain sits and attaches with like half a skewer to the dropout.
A little adjustment and voila!

I can now to crazy things to my bike while the wheels are off without worrying about that bothersome chain rattling around and doing bad things to the paint.
Good stuff if you got a real bike stand and flip your bike upside down and right side up all the time.
Another doohickey to add the Man Bling Compartmentalized Container(MBCC).
Then there's the chain itself.
I can't believe the amount of stuff it picked up after only one ride. It's all black and gritty looking like I cleaned it sometime last year.
If you've been following along at home, you, the reader, know that it was a dirty chain that was causing some irritating goofy noises.
I think that wet lube Chain-l was okay for nine speed, the narrower ten speed stuff might like something else, at least for the long term.
I believe it's time for another Greatest Chain Lube of All Time(GCLOAT) test.
Or was that the Greatest Chain Lube of the Modern Era.
I forget.
Anyways, maybe it's time to revisit the Boeshield and the Rock N Roll and maybe some of that purple stuff for good measure.
Stay tuned.

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Steve A said...

Don't forget Eezox Cycle Tune Up. It seems to be running pretty nicely so far...