Monday, March 28, 2011

Contest Special

Okay, here we go!
Let me say that this was difficult.
For one thing, only three folks sent in images, and it was hard to choose only one.
I mean it would have been easier to disappoint the many, versus the few.
If you know what I mean.
I sort of disliked having to make this kind of decision, cause I feel like I should reward all of your efforts.
I not going to identify the participants; they can announce themselves in the comments section if they wish to seek fame and fortune.
So, what I was looking for was something that grabbed my eyeballs.
I also took into consideration the interest of the non cyclist and how interesting the picture would be to the layperson and how well the image would stand alone.
Out of the fourteen pictures I got, I selected five for final critique:

Framing is a bit off, but those cross hairs just get my attention!
Like some kind of sniper assassin bike!
I also liked the texture against the smooth coolness of the clamp.
I dig symmetry.

Whoa! What's this? The B2 bomber?
The use of back lighting caught my attention right away and I dig the negative space.
You can never have too much negative space.
Okay, not really.
About the negative space I mean.
Being something of a minimalist, I liked the simplicity.

The implied symmetry worked for me here too.
Although the line moves the eyeballs downwards, it's a view most of us don't see of our own bikes.
Unless you are riding backwards or something.

Now this one, I really liked!
In a what the hell? oh that's what it is sort of way.
When I first saw the thumbnail, I though, hey! we don't need no shimmering water pictures!
I liked it so much I even went and did some PS magic on it to see what it would have looked like in B&W and liked it even better.
There is some kind of artifact in the upper center that bothers me some and I wouldn't really mention it, but like I said, I really liked this one.
The thing for me about photography though, is that unless it's really visually interesting, I'm looking for a story.
Better yet, a story and something visually interesting.
Which is why I really really really liked this one:

Winner winner chicken dinner!
Or that one I dug so it won the coffee mug!
Or something.
Would have been better if the tire was flat though.
Just kidding!
That picture was talking to me.
I mean that picture went someplace, came back and was telling me a story. It had the best of all the qualities I was looking for.
I gotta say though, me being a tinkerer and all, I did the PS thing again and it looked really nice in high contrast black and white.
I really shouldn't be fooling around with other folks' images, but I can't seem to help myself.
Okay, so if the owner of The Flat Tire award winning image will send me an address, like right now, I'll see if maybe I can get your mug off today.
Or tomorrow.
Thanks to all who participated!
I really appreciated and I applaud all of your efforts.
Oh, and don't worry, you'll get another chance.
I hope it at least made you look at your bicycles in a different way.
That's sort of what this was all about.
Okay, get ready for The Flat Tire Mug Give Away No.2.
Coming to a blog near you.

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