Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweet Thursday

Ah yes, Sweet Thursday, a Steinbeck classic.
Part of what I consider his Monterey trilogy that includes Cannery Row and Tortilla Flat.
I also read Of Mice and Men a few weeks back and that thoroughly depressed me, Steinbeck sort of does that to me.
Not unlike the novels of Fitzgerald, or the shorts, hell everything by Hemingway.
These dudes wrote during the Depression?
Not what this is all about though.
I got my KMC Missing Link today, made for Campagnolo 10 speed:

Now I don't have to worry about my massive piston like quads breaking a chain forged by the Italian gods and getting stranded, left to walk home.
The Missing Link is the same as the SRAM Power Link, I carried one of them around with me too.
The loop I do is sort of by design, I'm never more than five miles from home and there's a bike shop right in the middle of everything.
Still, I'd hate to walk more than a mile or so in bicycle shoes.
Walking in cycling shoes sucks, I know I've tried it, though I bet it's nothing compared to walking with this:

Not really sure what that was all about, though I think I remember reading something about this being part of some religious indoctrination.
Or something.
Walking a mile in his shoes, or how about not walking at all:

I'm beginning to see more of these folks cruising the bike paths.
To tell you the truth, I don't know exactly what to think of them yet, being sort of negative and not exactly positive.
I mean I suppose it's good for the tourists and all, and I guess you have to pay a person to lead them around and all so it's creating some jobs.
Still, I have a problem with motorized folks using the bike path.
The leaders of these tours try to nod and wave at me and be all friendly like, I just haven't decided whether or not to be friendly back.
For the most part, they yield the right of way and make room to pass, still, I give them lots of room.
I suppose the bike path is the only place for them, for now.
Then there are the dudes that don't need any path at all:

You can hear and see the wind that was blowing today.
I bet the wind was good for him!
The mugs Mr. Flat Tire, the mugs!
Oh, the mugs!
I'm still sort of working out the details of how I'm gonna give them away.
Let's just say it'll involve Googlio Earthio.
Some other stuff too.
I mean it can't be too easy.
Gonna have to work for em!
It's gonna be sweet!


John Romeo Alpha said...

Segways, similar to motorized cooler scooters and electric humvee golf carts, should not be allowed in the bike lane. It's a travesty.

limom said...

When I first saw them popping up, I sort of felt that way.
Now, maybe I've gottem used to them.
Besides, where they gonna go?
I'm okay with them as long as they confine their "range" to the park.
I guess.

Big Oak said...

What if that kite surfer dude showed up in the bike lane? That looks like a lot of stuff to coordinate - balance, waves, keeping the kite in the air.

Steinbeck captured the humanity of beaten-down souls and breathed integrity into them.

Steve A said...

I think "where" is the essential question if Segways can't use bike lanes. After all, what about blade skaters and skateboards and...

limom said...

Steve A., it's probably too late, but maybe wider paths in the future?

Big Oak, them kite surfers have problems of their own as on nice days, the bay is pretty crowded! Tourists also come into play as there are a couple of concessions on the beach for kites and windsurfing.
I have to admit, I haven't read too much Steinbeck. I think I have East of Eden around here somewhere, I'll try that next.