Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Final

What a nice day!
I sort of couldn't wait to get out on the road.
First though, I had to do something about all that uh, you know what I had laying around and I sorted through some stuff.
I got through half of it, then I gave up.
Maybe I'll get to it later.
Maybe not.
It really was a beautiful day:

It was sort of hot and breezeless so the ocean was looking pretty good!
Some folks had the same feeling I had and had took to the water:

Snorkeling in the some clear water.
I don't know what they saw, but they looked like they were having a good time.
Other folks were just content to watch and enjoy the scenery:

I tried out some new twists and turns to add some mileage to my route. Didn't add up to much, just a little over a mile and a half so I'll be plotting and thinking about how I can do a nice run of thirty miles plus.
Sort of a bad day on the bike, my heart rate would not come down so I just sort of did what I could and tried not to make anything explode.
I was making the turn for home when I came across this guy:

Okay, surfer folks ride with their surfboards all the time around these parts so it's not really unusual.
What makes this unusual is the size of the board this guy is toting.
A twelve foot stand up paddle board!
It's not the weight of the board either, it's the surface area and what happens when the wind catches you.
I had a nine foot longboard and let me tell you, walking with the thing when the wind is blowing ain't exactly fun.
I can only imagine what it's like riding around with that thing strapped to your bike!
I chatted him up a bit and found out he customized his racks:

Now they make commercial racks for this type of thing, but apparently they aren't strong enough to take on like thirty pounds of fiberglass and resin.
I don't how those racks affect the structural integrity of his bike, but hey! it works for him, even if he does have to lean to one side:

We talked for a bit but I had a few more miles to tack on so off I went.
I stopped at around mile twenty five to refill my water and couldn't help but notice these things at the service station counter:

Now I had read Trevor's post over at Purple Traveler and I gotta admit, I stared at his cupcake for a long time.
Boy it looked good.
I also stared at these cupcakes a long time.
Like a really long long time.
I guess the pictures will just have to do.
I'm training don't you know.
Many miles before I sleep.
I'm telling you though, I'll be thinking about those cupcakes.
Or maybe blueberry muffins.
Or something.


Trevor Woodford said...

Go know you want to eat one...or two....or more....!!

limom said...

At the time, I wanted to eat all of them!