Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Final

Oh happy day!
Back out on the road!
The sun is shining the birds are singing and the waves are well, waving.
This morning it looked like ole Sol would finally win the battle with the Dark Grey Overlord:

I sat and waited a bit for the roads to dry out.
Don't want to get the bike all dirty don't you know.
Finally I made my list and checked it twice before heading out the door.
Okay, not really.
I don't have a list.
Anyways, I rounded the corner into the parking lot of Safeway and what did I see?
A whole fleet of trucks and stuff in the parking lot where they're going to erect that Target.
Why all the trucks?
Let me guess:

Hey! that's like movie making stuff!
Interesting for on Friday, at the oil change place, these same trucks were there!
I think they were the same trucks.
Most of the hospital footage is shot where I do my dialysis thing.
For what? you say.
Over there!
What do I spy?

Could it be?
I mean, really, could it be?
Yes it is:

The car used in that show.
Okay, I won't name the show.
We know what happened last time I did that.
So let's try this:
Steve McGarrett's Camaro.
Well actually I think it's Danno's Camaro, but Steve drives it most of the time.
Security dude says they will be filming at the beach tomorrow.
Too bad I work.
So anyways, besides that little detour, today I wanted to map out my usual route.
If you've been following along at home, you, the reader, know that I got a new Garmin thingy, the latest, greatest, technowondergizmo to ever grace my handle bars.
The bad news is, about two miles out, the wheel magnet got all combubalated so I had to stop and adjust.
More on that later.
Down at the beach, the sun was a shining and the tourists were off looking for the Northwest Passage:

I think I saw Hiawatha somewhere over there in a bikini.
Hopefully they made it past the Natives and found freedom.
Anyways, off I went to crush more souls.
The Centaur shifts great!
Better than the Mirage stuff that was on there, faster and crisp.
The new shifters feel better in my hands, a little less fatiguing than the old ones.
I adjusted the brakes again, but still don't like the stopping power.
Coming down from a GAGILLION miles per hour takes some effort, maybe more than before.
I may look to change out the pads.
Just for fun, I'm running Conti Gatorskins now, 25s, and I could tell the difference right away.
A little harsher ride compared to the Ultremo DDs, but I suppose I'm getting better cut protection.
Hey Mr. Flat Tire, what about the Garmin thingy?
Glad you asked!
Actually, I'm only using a small fraction of what that thing can do.
I'll take some screen shots and post them up with a review later.
For now, my ride, via Garmin Connect, can be found here.
Boy, can't be making stories up with this stuff!
Not that I make up any stories.
Everything here is all true.


Rat Trap Press said...

That's a lot of people in that little waterway. I can only imagine how you guys talk about tourists out there.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Wow that's a lot of data about your ride. Is the temperature sensor a little on the high side, or was it really that warm there today?

limom said...

RTP, tourists are a good thing.
Most of the time.
Except for the buses.

JRA, that is a lot to think about.
The temp sensor seems a bit whacky as does some other stuff.
I think the really high reading came when I was breathing on it.
More on that later.