Monday, March 28, 2011


The Flat Tire Staff

KAILUA- Local officials here announced today that a suspect has been identified in relation to the proliferation of numerous annoying Craig's List adds offering bicycles and bicycle parts in various stages of condition.
The adds, often resulting in disappointed buyers offer bicycles described as "like new," "clean with low miles," "just taken out of storage," and the most popular "needs work."
Enraged prospective buyers and Craig's List users asked the authorities to step in as the for sale adds multiplied like rabbits often discouraging buyers from engaging legitimate sellers.
"We got him this time!" and ecstatic anonymous Craig's List user said. "Caught him in the act."
"Like that dude man, like he was posting up his adds like every ten seconds," said another man who would only identify himself as sale-ab5dj-674489206. "Like maybe now Craig's List will be like all about real people buying juicy bikes."
The Craig's List abuser was finally caught on a security camera inspecting what apparently is his inventory.

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Steve A said...

On the other hand, he saved many one-of-a-kind items from certain destruction!