Monday, March 14, 2011

Natural Selection

Or maybe more like unnatural selection.
Not survival of the fittest, more like survival of the stuff that may or may not prove useful later.
Which is a tough call for I'm pretty biased towards anything that looks, well, let's just make that anything.
I started off with two boxes, one with the previously mentioned crap(Good Crap, GC), and an empty box(Bad Crap, BC) , where I hoped to put the stuff that I really didn't need:

Then I thought hey! I'm doing this wrong, I should be putting the stuff I want to keep in the empty box so I started to put the Good Crap in the BC box.
Make sense?
Anyways, I started in earnest by scrutinizing each object, rating it on a scale of one to five in usefulness, checking the condition, figuring out where it came from, etc.
Okay, not really.
I just plowed through the boxes tossing this and that into the Good Crap box(the one labeled BC) thinking eventually I'd have an equal amount of crap in each box.
All I really ended up doing was moving crap from one box to the other!

What the hell is wrong with me?
I just can't seem to let go of my crap!
Okay, I did make a box of stuff to take to the co-op.
A small little box:

To be honest, after I took that pic, I moved the adjustable quill over to the Good Crap box.
I just couldn't let it go.
Obviously, this isn't working.
I may need outside help.
Like an intervention.
Or something.


Steve A said...

Pretty crappy outcome, eh?

Speaking of which, if you don't use adjustable quills on celeste devils, I ride ancient bikes for whom adjustable quills are "the bee's knees."

limom said...

You're telling me!
Thing is, I still haven't gone out to the garage where I'm sure more crap awaits.
Oh and that adjustable quill, I just couldn't give it away, I mean what if?
That what if seems to be my problem.