Saturday, March 26, 2011

Italian Madness!

Sheer unadulterated madness I say!
Out of mindness!
Just what am I babbling about?
Okay, so today I was feeling lazy so I just sort of sat around.
This being a long weekend for me since Monday is the last of the furlough days.
So I decided, just for fun, to search evil eBay for everything Campagnoloness.
Well, I didn't make it through all 142 pages of stuff, but I did get to page 104.
I have to say, it was an interesting couple of hours, seeing all that alloy and carbon goodness.
I also managed to hold back and not hit any BIN buttons although my watch list is pretty darn full right now.
Besides being interesting, it was also pretty crazy.
I mean I'm sort of Campagnolo Crazy and all, but not completely out of my mind.
Which is what you have to be to purchase or bid on some of that stuff.
I mean I can sort of see the pantographed Colnago seat posts going for like three hundred and Super Record carbon rear derailleurs at three fifty.
What I can't see is the cassette lock rings selling for forty bucks.
C'mon, it's a lock ring!
Then there's the dude selling cassettes sans lock rings.
Speaking of cassettes, how about a full titanium Record cassette?

Only three hundred forty five bucks.
I don't see any lock ring on that either.
I guess if you can afford the cassette, you can afford these:

No, you aren't imagining things, those are gold plated cranks, yours for only four hundred and eighty dollars.
It's on sale by the way.
That won't even get you a second look if you want to be upper stratosphere Campagnolo elite.
For that you need this:

Fiftieth anniversary group set.
Opening bid is three thousand five hundred dollars.
That's $3,500 American dollars.
Of course if you can't wait and absolutely need it now, the BIN price is a mere four thousand two hundred.
Can't afford it?
Well, you can just do the poseur thing and walk around announcing that you are a card carrying Campagnolo 50th anniversay group set owner:

The card will only set you back a hundred and fifty.
Oh, and it's used.
Now I don't know about you, the reader, but that's some insanity right there.
I don't know what's more evil, the prices or the fact that somebody is actually buying that stuff!
Campagnolo goodness.
For a price.
Call it an arm and a leg.
I'll tell what though, you can't browse through a hundred pages of Campagnolo stuff and not get anything.
So I put this on my watch list:

Campagnolo goodness.
On the cheap.


Steve A said...

$3500 for an obsolete Campy set might be only silly if Tulio and the pope both autographed things.

Apertome said...

Keep in mind, just because someone's posted something on eBay at a ridiculous price, doesn't necessarily mean anyone's buying it. Though I imagine you could tell if anyone had bid on these things, as you browsed. But if the BIN price is listed, I think that means no one has bid. So, maybe it really is just madness and these sellers are hoping for a true moron to come along and think they've found a bargain.

Rat Trap Press said...

You can't be a true Campy fan until you've purchased an official Campagnolo cork screw.

limom said...

Steve A., for three grand I better by buying the stuff they use to shift gears on the space shuttle.

Apertome, the things is, there are suck- I mean folks who buy that stuff!

RTP, ah, the Campagnolo corkscrew!
I saw a few of those too.
Too bad I no longer partake in the spirits!
I may get the peanut butter wrench, just to hang up somewhere.