Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

It is time.
No longer will we be held down.
No longer will we settle and watch.
No longer will we remain idle.
Procrastination has ruled for too long.
Okay, not really.
I mean nothing like what's happening in far parts of the world, but still, it's time to put procrastination down!
I mean it's time to get off my okole and get to work.
I've only got ten days to go don't you know.
Ten days to turn this:

Into something that resembles well, something.
Never fear!
I work well under pressure.
I think.
This may be a challenge for I haven't touched clay since, well, the last time I touched clay, sometime last year.
I haven't even cleaned my wheel since the craft fair fiasco:

That's what it looked like as of right now this morning.
I'm so ashamed!
Okay, not really.
I don't do wet work on that wheel anyways.
My work bench, well it's been busy accumulating stuff that has nothing to do with work:

All that will change!
Like right now!
Okay, not really.
Maybe after I eat my tuna sandwich and a pickle:

I like pickles which is good for that's what I'm sort of in.
A pickle.
Unless I get going.
Which I will.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Could you make a cactus from clay? Just asking :)

limom said...

Now that you mention it......