Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Stuff

Not that kind of stuff.
That stuff, I got most of it taken care of.
Sort of.
This new stuff, and maybe some old stuff.
Well, definitely some old stuff.
Anyways, the Mystery Sound of Irritation is gone, silence is golden now that I've cleaned and lubed the chain.
Seems this ten speed gear is sort of dirt sensitive though why it only affected one gear I'll have to think about.
I went around the block today to test things out and it's all running silent, running deep.
Whatever that means.
I only went around the block cause I'm really lazy and it's blowing like 15-30 today and I'm really lazy.
I also got my Top Chef groove back, Top Chef marathon is keeping me glued to the TV, eating not Doritos, but Fritos.
I'm also giving more thought about what to do with my 29er. I keep telling myself I'm going to get on it and ride it, but it's been like three months and boy is it collecting dust!
There are like socks and shirts hanging all over it, sort of like a 27 speed closet.
I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to decide whether to put the SPDs back on it or just throw on some platforms.
Doesn't really matter for it hasn't gone anywhere.
I think I'll CL it one more time and if it doesn't sell, I'll take that to be a message and end up keeping it.
I'll tell you one thing, I really miss the disc brakes when I ride, them rim brakes just don't have the juice.
I'm really looking hard for a road frame with disc tabs though there's not much to choose from.
I think that would be peachy keen!
So anyways, I was trying to clear the clutter that sits in front of me; it was getting sort of depressing to look at. In one box was some ceramic stuff that's been sitting there since last year.
In that box sat three of the bicycle themed mugs that I sort of forgot about.
What to do with them?
Oh yeah!
Now that there are like ten of you, the readers, who actually peruse this blog, I figure now you can have the chance to enjoy your favorite beverage in what will soon be you favorite mug while you muse at my well, musings in what will soon be your favorite blog!
Now I thought long and hard about how to do this so that it'll be fair to all.
The first thing I thought of was a blog search, you know self promotion and all that but then I thought boy, not even I, the maker of the blogness could search this blog for the labels often/never have anything to do with the actual post content.
Lemme tell you, I've almost given up referring back to old posts for I have tons of trouble finding what I want to link back to.
I'm still thinking about that one.
The blog search I mean.
So anyways, I got these mugs to give away:

Here's a chance to win a genuine Flat Tire Mug!
Absolutely free!
No charge!
Tell me what you think and I'll come up with some diabolical and semi painless plan to win these puppies.
Remember, it's free!


Anonymous said...

Well, I think you should make more of them. I think they would be popular. BUT, why don't you hold a contest something like what Rantwick did for FARATs?

Trevor Woodford said...

I have a small collection of 'cycling' mugs (five mugs actually - I did say it was a small collection) and a flat tire mug would look super cool as the center piece.

As for the rim brakes. I upgraded the pads on the Tifosi to 'Swissstop Flash Pro Green (high performance) blocks. These little babies were hugely expensive but improved the braking 100%.
A purpletraveller recommended item...!!!


Steve A said...

"Tell me what you think..."

I think I drink too much coffee already, though the mugs ARE priceless classics.

limom said...

Okay, three for three is good enough for me.
Off I go to get my oil changed so I'll have plenty of time to think of something evi- uh, I mean fun for this give away.

Apertome said...

I would take one of those beauties off your hands.

About the brakes, I agree that disc brakes are better for varied terrain/iffy conditions. For pure, fair-weather road biking though rim brakes seem just fine to me. As long as they're good brakes, with good pads. I use Kool Stop Salmon pads, but they aren't the only good pads out there.

limom said...

I been looking at the outrageous Swiss Stop green and the Koolstop Salmons too.
I just don't want any Banshee Brakes.
That one you can search.