Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

Boy, looks like another overcast and windy day.
Still I need some miles so I'm gonna try and get out later.
This morning though, I did a surprise inspection on the Cactus Corps.
Something very strange is going on:

I got some seriously leaning towers of cactus!
Sort of looking like a pokey cucumber.
Or something.
Then there is the one that's going sort of horizontal:

I have no idea what's going on there!
I mean it was leaning at first, now it looks like it's starting to head back into the ground!
Then there's this planetoid looking one:

I don't know how it stays upright as the part that enters the soil is very small.
All those were plant place bought so I have no clue as to what species they are. I suppose I should check again and try to identify them now that they are larger.
Still with the GAGILLION types of cactus out there in Cactusland it's a bit difficult.
The plebes are doing okay, we haven't had an attack in a while:

Seems like those are the ones who are going to make it.
There a couple that have risen above the rest, the platoon leaders:

Time for a transplant I think, I've already got some bigger plastic pots.
The Saguaro is going great!
I think:

Time to separate them into individual pots, something I'll work on today if the weather doesn't break.
I think I'm going to make some little cactus pots as these things won't get any larger for like years, so I won't have to keep changing out the planters.
It's strange for they seem to be doing better than some of the others:

I can't imagine anything growing any slower than the Saguaro, so maybe I need me some miracle cactus juice or some nitrates or something.
I'll try and check the plant place later.
For now, I need to get going and make more planters!
Okay, there's only like fourteen hours or so to get your photos in for the Mug Giveaway No.1.
Which reminds me, I gotta make more mugs too.
There's also that pesky thingy I'm working on for the show that doesn't seem to be inspiring me.
Maybe something will come to me.


John Romeo Alpha said...

You know, it's going to be great in about twenty years when the saguaro is four or five feet tall, and people driving by on the street wonder what the heck it's doing in Hawaii...I wonder how it would do out in the yard.

limom said...

I think as long as you prep the ground so that it has good irrigation it'll be okay.
Boy, I hope to live to see it like two feet tall even!