Friday, March 11, 2011

The Morning After

Boy, how I hated them!
The mornings after I mean.
Your head all pounding feeling like it's going to explode, you mouth all dry like some dust bunnies took up residence, and the not knowing how the hell you got to where you are.
The worst of times after the best of times.
In another life, of course.
Of course too, I'm not exactly talking about those mornings!
The first thing I noticed going out on my ride, was the water in the canal was a dirty brown:

This is about a mile and half inland.
I figure the surge disturbed the junk on the bottom coming in and going back out. The water here flows out bound so it's usually not exactly clear, but never this dirty.
The beach was looking pretty normal too:

Excepting if you notice, everything is really clean and smooth, like someone came in with a humungasoid broom and did some house cleaning.
The water here was unusually clear.
The shoreline was in a similar condition:

The only thing was that the high water mark looked to be all the way up to the vegetation and there were some big branches and stuff in among the flotsam.
From above, you can see how sand washed over the boat ramp:

My guess would be around two feet of surge, not enough to hit the road or the park, but enough to cover the whole beach.
I think we got lucky.
A few more feet, anywhere on the island and the damage could have been real bad.
Thankfully that big ole tsunami lost some steam coming like thirty five hundred miles across the Pacific Ocean.
Actually it's impressive that a wave generated thirty five hundred miles across the Pacific Ocean even made it here!
I think the thing is that if you haven't been out on the ocean, say surfing or even body surfing, you really have no inclination about the power of waves.
Hell, I been tossed around like a helpless Raggedy Andy in four foot surf and while not really dangerous, it's not really fun.
I'd say Kailua got off pretty good.
So anyways, I continued on my ride, punishing my legs for the good of all goodness, and while going through the park I came across some helpless victims:

That's right!
Two poseurs out on the path, one of had pink deep dish rims, the other was sporting some flashy lime green and those handle bar streamers that just cry out: race!
The one behind even gave me the look!
That was all the incentive I needed.
Little did they know, their souls were about to be crushed!
Then I though about what had happened the night before and decided to give them a break. I mean they were just out for a ride enjoying the day.
They also looked fast.
That wasn't what stopped me though.
If you know what I mean.


Trevor Woodford said...

Handle bar streamers in Celeste - now that 'would' look fast...!!!

John Romeo Alpha said...

Sometimes, just knowing that you could have crushed their souls if you had chosen to, and instead showed mercy, is enough.

limom said...

Trevor, something to do with my old handle bar tape.

JRA, "throw back the little ones, pan fry the big ones."
Or something like that.