Monday, March 28, 2011

'Stangs in the Corral

Yesterday, after tackling the Hill of the Vanishing Legs, I needed to take a couple of breaks on my way home.
Okay, not really.
It did help though.
I stopped off at the local car dealership for there was a car show of sorts.
Every year they hold a Mustang Roundup or something like that along with the local Mustang and Shelby club.
I used to be a member of said club way way back.
In another life.
I wasn't too interested in the newer stuff.
I sold a couple of SVT Cobras, back when they first came out and once you sell them, they become more of a commodity than something to ogle and fawn over.
The older Mustangs though, that's another story. I even have a book that encompasses the early models:

So anyways, here's some of the eyeball candy.
A GT40, apparently a custom copy:

Modeled after the Dan Gurney model with the dome on the drivers door for Gurney was a tall fellow. This I believe is the car than won Le Mans in 1966 over Ferrari.
A row of Thunderbirds:

A de Tomaso Pantera:

I was actually around those a lot back in the seventies for the service station I worked at serviced several of them.
Ford powered Italian design.
Oh, and Campagnolo wheels!
A Cobra:

This one a little closer to the original look, badged 427(big block motor), but for some reason it looks wrong.
Another Cobra:

Again this one badged 427, but obviously a small block motor.
Not a purist car, but hey! it's a Cobra, even if it is a replica and I wouldn't kick it out of my garage!
Oh, and there were some Mustangs:

The top one if I had to guess is a '65, the other one I think a '69 with a big block 428.
Seeing them pony cars made wish I had one again, this time instead of a fastback, I'd take a convertible.
For the cruise don't you know.
I know this is primarily a cycling blog, but them olden


Steve A said...

You're forgiven - IF you get some Jaguar photos next time. Remember that Ford owned Jaguar starting from 1991 until they sold them to the Indians.

Actually, even a Lincoln LS with a V8 would do. It used a detuned Jaguar engine.

limom said...

Proper British sounding name, maybe Trevor can chime in here.
World famous for their faulty Lucas electricals and that purty in line six!
Okay, I have a special place in my heart for the E-type with the if I'm not mistaken hand formed alu-mi-nium body work.
I haven't seen one round these parts in a while though.
Jags I mean.

Trevor Woodford said...

I always wanted a MK11 Jaguar myself......For ten years I was the events secretary of a classic car club but our marque was Wolseley...a very English car. All walnut and leather...just like a gentlemans club inside and more suited for a drive to the vicar's house for afternoon tea than speed...
All part of my 'previous life'..!


limom said...

Wolseley, sort of like a British Mercedes, or maybe a Volvo.
Speaking of English marques, I've always liked the Jensen Interceptor!
What a cool name.
Sort of reminds me of Mad Max.
I also once had a chance to pick up an Jensen Healy, the one with the Lotus 4 banger.
There's a guy up the street restoring an Austin bugeye.
I like.
Speaking of Lotus, I've always admired the Europa, the old one not the new one. It looked pretty cool.
In a flat sort of way.
British cars are pretty cool.