Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Feet! The Hard Part

Lookee here!
What do I got?
Something good you know!
My transformation is almost complete.
Sort of.
I mean it's like an addiction, you just can't stop.
It's just a coincidence that I enjoy pasta.
For I'm seriously turning all Italian:

Or at least my feets are.
That's right sports fans, now even my toes can enjoy some Campagnolo goodness!
Too bad they won't be enjoying them today for I got bigger uh, toes to fry.
Or something.
The good news is that all that stuff I put in the kiln last night came out okay.
The bad news is that now I gotta glaze it.
That's the part I dislike.
It's very difficult don't you know.
So the Mr. Potato Head is looking okay:

I fooled you!
I had that nozzleliciousness hiding in the chuck!
Which wasn't too good for I wanted it to sit up higher above the ground. I couldn't really see it once it was in the chuck thingy, so I just sort of eyeballed it.
I just made it:

Still, if was only and inch or two higher, the effect I wanted would have been better.
The other thingy, the funeral urn is okay too:

I wanted to put some landing gear on that one too, but man did I ever run of time.
Especially since I wasted so much of it.
Time I mean.
So I'm putting off my ride today cause I gotta like work on those things and see if I can make them spectacular like for The Big Show.
Actually I'm not really counting on them turning out too well for if you were following the UFT saga you know that I don't usually hit my stride until I do like the second or third one.
Anyways, we'll see what I can pull out of my artistic hat.
Right after Law & Order.
Oh, and after I finish my tuna sandwich.

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