Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Man Bling Compartmentalized Container

Ah yes.
The Man Bling.
Where else to get Man Bling but the Man Bling Store.
Which is where I went today.
In keeping with the theme this week of Spring Cleaning, I decided that I needed a new box for my bicycle tools.
The old one was one of those tackle boxes/art boxes and it was overflowing with bicycle goodness.
It wouldn't close.
So off I went to the Man Bling store.
Oh my!
This is just as bad as the Colorado Cyclist spring catalog!
Not as bad as the Snap On catalog, but pretty close.
I don't look at the Snap On catalog too much anymore, no bicycle tools don't you know.
So anyways, here I am in Man Blingland, almost forgetting what the hell I went there for.
So many shiny thingys.
Gee, that mitre saw is sorta nice!
Tool box.
The only question remained was what size.
Go with the 747 Jumbo Jet size or the reasonable I only have this many tools and won't acquire any more size?
Why is it they never have anything in between?
The Man Bling folks want you buy more tools!
So I thought a bit and figured well, I only have this many tools and I won't be acquiring any more so I'll just get this one:

This was a difficult decision.
I mean this box is where my Man Bling will reside until I get the 747 Jumbo Jet upgrade.
So off I went with my Man Bling Compartmentalized Container(MBCC), carefully avoiding the power tools isle and making sure to ignore the thousand of other small little voices crying out for my attention.
It was difficult.
I made it out with my wallet intact.
Sort of.
Now I do all my bicycle work indoors.
All my tools are outdoors.
Not a problem!
Just get a whole new set for indoors so I won't have to walk outdoors!
Luckily you don't need a whole bunch of stuff to work on a bike.
All of it fit in my new MBCC:

Okay, not all of it:

I still got this stuff to put away.
I should put it back in the tool box outside, but it's like, you know, I may need it.
One day.
Maybe I'll just leave it by the door, put it somewhere like halfway.
It didn't fit in my MBCC.
I should have gotten the 747 Jumbo Jet.


Trevor Woodford said...

I don't go into a 'Man Bling' store anymore - Quickest way to lighten the wallet - worse than the I-net!


limom said...

Home Depot here once had a promotion:
open up a Home Depot credit account and take 50% off your next purchases of up to $700.
Like Sirens luring you to the rocks.