Thursday, March 24, 2011

Free Mug Give Away No. 1

So in between sleeping and Law & Order, I been thinking real hard about how to give these mug things away.
I mean it has to be fair and I was trying to come up with something more or less objective.
You know, something I wouldn't have to like judge or pick from or make a decision about.
Less work for me don't you know.
On the other hand, I couldn't just give these things away.
If you know what I mean.
I mean I'm giving them away, absolutely free and all, but I didn't want to just give them away.
So anyways, I've been coming up with all kinds of convoluted diabolical schemes, really evil stuff for I'm pretty good at that sort of thing, but in reality, as in the real world, the stuff I was coming up with was pretty darn difficult.
As in maybe you may see something like that yet.
The convoluted diabolical stuff I mean.
Well as a warm up, a prelude if you will, to see if you folks, the readers, are willing to actually try and win these things, I've come up with something really really easy.
This is the mug up for grabs:

Now these things take me a while to put together. Total time invested is around three or four hours per mug depending on what kind of handle I put on there.
So while I'm giving these away absolutely free, it's gonna take some work.
Not for me.
Not right now anyways.
For you.
The work part I mean.
This is a photo contest!
Boy, I really really didn't want to do a photo contest cause that's kind of lame but it was easy and this one is going to take some creativity on your part.
Of course it involves a bicycle.
Your bicycle.
This isn't one of those "take a picture of your bicycle in front of something interesting" thingys.
This is take a picture of your bicycle, actually more like some part of your bicycle.
A really small part of your bicycle, close up like.
In other words, I don't want the whole bicycle, just some interesting part of it.
Some examples:

Get the idea?
Remember, things like composition, lighting, color, tone, etc. all that stuff counts!
Look at your ride in a different way, capture it for all to see.
Does something on or about your bike tell a story?
What does your bike say about you?
That sort of thing.
Think visually interesting.
Oh, and you can't copy the compositions above, been there done that.
You also don't need no fancy pantsy camera, the two images on the bottom were done with a point and shoot though you may want to bust out the instructions and figure out how to actually use some of that camera stuff.
Enter as many images as you like, the more the merrier, but quantity doesn't count.
Quality folks, the more artsy fartsy the better.
All images remain your property.
You can either send em to me via the contact on the right, or send me a link to your own page, though I'd like to post them up all together for everyone to see.
I'll give you guys until 11:59 PM HST Sunday, March 27 to get these in.
That's like three days and I'll post and announce a winner on Monday.
Or Tuesday.
Or something.
Have fun and good luck!
Your time, STARTS NOW!

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