Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

Boy do have a lot of bicycle crap.
Okay, not really.
Not in relation to all the other crap I got.
Trust me on this, I got a lot of crap.
Mostly art crap, acquired over the years, mostly mine, but also the works of others I admired and met along the way.
The bicycle crap though is slowly catching up:

That's just the small stuff.
You don't want to see the corner where I got the wheels and tires stacking up!
I can only access my CD collection from Ls on up for everything is sort of blocked, fenced in behind some spokes and old/new tires.
Like the art stuff, I just can't seem to make myself throw this stuff away!
Okay, the old bike stuff is difficult for I keep telling my myself that I'll get around to making something with it.
Recycle the old bike crap into something interesting so I can add it to the art crap.
The stuff seems to appear out of nowhere!
I guess I should stop hitting the Buy It Now button.
Okay some stuff I know where it came from, like the cable set I got the other day cause I didn't get a cable set when I got my group:

I wanted to try the Yokozuna Reaction cables when I changed the cables on the Celeste Devil, but went with the Campagnolo cables instead.
I sort of want to change the cables again, but seeing as how I just did the cables, if I change the cables now, I'll want to save the old cables for they are still good and I'll have more crap laying around.
Crap begets crap.
Or something.
Maybe if I get bored next week, I'll open that thing up and make more crap.
I looked at them and they appear to be really heavy duty crap, especially the brake housings.
I'll post up some pics of what they look like later.
Some crap is good crap:

Rick Smith, who does the Yehuda Moon comics has come out with books that chronicle the comic by years.
This is the first installment, the others are on the way.
In other words, I got more crap coming.
I got in early so my edition is signed and it has a little drawing:

If you remember I also got the burnt piece of wood from the old Kickstand Cycles so now I'm accumulating more art crap.
Or is it bicycle crap?
It appears to the first mutation of art/bicycle crap.
Oh wait.
That would be the Chain Mugs that I made that are around here somewhere.
That's not really crap for I made them.
Okay, not really, that still qualifies as crap because they are just sort of laying around.
This week, because of that show coming up, I'm going to be making more crap, so maybe I should start giving some of the old crap away.
If I give the old crap away, then I can make room for new crap and I'll have to make new crap for I won't have any old crap and we all know how much I like old crap.
That's the art crap, not the bicycle crap.
It's time to start organizing that all that crap, uh, I mean bicycle goodness.
I mean it's bicycle crap, but all bicycle crap is good crap.
If you know what I mean.
Boy, I gotta lay off the evilness for a while.
I need to knock on the door of The Flat Tire Department of Reorganization(FTDOR) and see what they can do.


Big Oak said...

George Carlin used to say that our houses are just places to put our stuff.

I hope FTDOR is able to help you out!

Trevor Woodford said...

I have a garage and a spare room just full of cycling and camping crap..then there is all my photographic crap...Now you have got me thinking about all this crap..Should I keep it? should I sell it..? Oh dear more things to think about....

Steve A said...

Cool cable set!

limom said...

Big Oak, I like Steven Wright: You can't have everything. Where would you put it?

Trevor, I would try and sell some of this stuff, unfortunately, all of it is mostly worthless.
I'll probably take some of it to local co-op.

Steve, yeah they are cool!
I've never seen them close up and the was hesitant to get them.
The smoke color turned out to be really nice.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I sorted my bicycle crap into boxes of sort of related crap and put labels made out of duct tape on them. It sounds like you may have more crap than me, which must be some kind of record.

limom said...

The hard part is getting rid of the crap.
The "one day I can use this" syndrome is deeply rooted within.
Better I donate to the co-op, at least it will get used.
Or become someone elses crap.