Friday, March 11, 2011

Twenty Days

The interrupted post: Tsunami Edition

That's all I got.
That's all I'll need.
I hope.
I got twenty days to make some stuff for the annual Artists of Hawaii Exhibition, the pictures are due on April 1st.
This is The Big Show.
The one everyone tries to get into.
The submission format is different due to the amount of work submitted, it runs in the thousands.
Only around a hundred works are selected.
First you got to make your stuff. Then you take pictures and send the images in for the first round of jurying.
Then you take your stuff in for the juror to see up close and the final selections are made.
Actually this works out better for if you don't get selected, there isn't the humiliation of having to pick your stuff up.
You just a rejection letter in the mail.
Thanks, try again next year.
Okay, it's not as bad as it sounds, it's actually more like a ritual, at least it is for me: send your entry in, get turned down.
I got into this show the first time I tried, ten years ago.
Never been in it since.
One of the few shows that has consistently turned me down.
That though, was in another life.
Sort of.
So anyways, the process starts again.
Okay, I got a couple of things on the burner, leftovers so to speak.
I still have a couple of UFT forms I want to try, one sort of on the ambitious side.
I've also been thinking of an abstract tea pot, something that I've been tossing around for a while.
Then I need one more thingy to fill out my entries.
I'm still working on that one.
That may not even involve clay.
So now I'm all serious like, ready to put all my Jedi skills to work.
Obi-wan, I need you now!
Hopefully, once I get back on the wheel, something will come to me.
It's like that sometimes, you start working on something and all of a sudden you get a flash, a glimpse of something unrelated to what you are doing, something really really great.
I need a really really great flash and I need one soon!
I'll crack open the sketch book and fool around a bit, sometimes that helps.
This time around, I'll try and work from sketch to finish, so we can sort of see how this whole process works.
Here are some sketches:

I'll work off those and see how it goes.
Of course you will too.
See how it goes I mean.
Hang on for a second, we got warning sirens!

Okay, that was interesting!
I won't go over what happened last night, for that's mostly covered in the post below.
The skies have cleared and I'm off to inspect the shoreline.
Stay tuned.


dogimo said...

Glad you didn't get hit! Good luck with the submission process.

limom said...

Thanks! All we got was some surge.
That's for the luck too!
It sort of helps if I actually make something.
Having some trouble getting started.