Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Final

The Hill of No Return.
That's what I'm going to call it from now on.
For after I crested it, my legs were so cooked, I wasn't sure I was going to make it home.
Yet limp on home I did.
Not before I saw this:

Now the person who rides that bike must old for it was back in like 1975 when turning the handlebars up like that was in style.
I know cause I had a white Sears Free Spirit bike with handlebars like that and yes, I'm old.
Sort of.
Well today was kind of a day of firsts for besides tackling the Hill of I Might Not Be Able to Make It Back Home, I went ventured onto a freeway on ramp to get these:

These are the ancient fishponds over by Marine Base Hawaii on the Mokapu Peninsula.
In my book Ancient Sites of O'ahu by Van James, it says they are called the Nu'upia fish ponds. According to James, in creation chants, the Mokapu Peninsula was where the first man was created, Mokapu meaning "sacred district."
Sort of interesting that the whole place is fenced and off limits to us regular folks, but the Marines do a good job maintaining the area.
The ponds date to around 1300-1600, but have been altered from their original configuration.
The wildlife area is around 482 acres in size and are made up of eight different ponds.
I had to stop off there and take a break for my legs were starting to talk back to me.
If you know what I mean.
So anyways, I staggered on home and did some work on that ceramic stuff I was supposed to work on last week.
I need to fire everything and take pictures by Wednesday, so I'm really cutting it close.
From this:

I did some things to it and got this:

Not exactly what I wanted, but hey! I gotta enter something!
I also fixed up the Mr. Potato Head thingy and hopefully all this stuff doesn't fall apart in the kiln.
I need to fire it off tomorrow, and let me tell you, I'll be holding my breath.
Okay, not really.
About the holding my breath part.
Anyways, I went ahead and started another blog called The Flat Tire Garage for I figure not all of you out there are interested my ceramic goofiness, but if you are, that'll be the place to go.
Now don't go running off right away cause there's nothing there.
It will be a serious look into the mind of someone who considers himself an artsy fartsy prima donna.
Sort of.
I have a college degree in this stuff don't you know.
So anyways I didn't have time to bang out those planters like I wanted, so tomorrow I'm gonna try and get up early.
Make that earlier.


Anonymous said...

Those turned up drop-bars are most often ridden by people who have lost their drivers license. We call them "felon bars".

limom said...

Actually, I haven't seen bikes with bars like that in a while.
At least not around here.
I'm just waiting for those turned up bars to make a come back!