Monday, August 29, 2011


The Flat Tire Staff

Kailua - A new type of watercraft may be on the horizon.
Today, testing began by two island entrepeneurs on what they hope will change boating in the islands.
Fred Beardly and Lowell Rider demonstated their new design.
"We've talked to many boaters and the consensus is that boating while standing or sitting upright is very fatiguing," Beardly said.
"What we've done is to create a cockpit where the captain of the boat is actually reclining, sort of like an F1 or Indy car driver," Rider explained. "So far, the low hull design works well in calm, flat waters."
"We've not yet tested in large swells," added Beardly. "And so far all we have is a scale model."
Asked what they call their new craft, both responded in unison: "The Recumboat."


Steve A said...

Sitting upright is very fatiguing? Perhaps that explains your recent Italian bike choices!

John Romeo Alpha said...

Relaxing in a recumboat snoozing off Lanikai...perfect.