Monday, August 22, 2011

Learning to Crawl

On all fours.
Actually, I sort of know how to crawl, the thing is that I don't crawl enough so I'm way out of practice.
Practice makes perfect don't you know.
Deposited on my door step today, my load of goods from Amazoniadotcom.
I like that place, even though I've never been there, it's just seems like someplace I'd like to visit.
Images of a humgasoid warehouse chocked full of all kinds of goodies comes to mind, and boy, do I enjoy my goodies!
In fact, the more goodies the better!
Can't have enough goodies!
So anyways, my stuff came in today, my learning to crawl stuff, and I'm sort of embarrassed to share cause you know, I have like an impecable image and all.
Still an image needs polishing once in a while, even if it means getting on your knees to wax on, wax off.

I'll admit that I've forgotten more about drawing than I ever learned so I figured I needed some help.
Yup, that sounds about right, I've forgotten everything I've ever learned about drawing and more.
My fada always said, "if you like learn fo do someting, read da book!"
So here we go.
Actually, there's not much to drawing, as a medium I mean, all you need is some paper and something to draw with.
The something to draw with becomes a bit complicated for there are likes all kinds of stuff you can use to draw.
More on that later.
Basically, it's all about training your eyeballs to see, training your extremeties to follow what your brain tells them to do, and training yourself to practice, practice, practice.
Oh, and you have to practice.
A lot.
Especially if you are like me, someone with minimal drawing skills.
That's about to change.
Gonna learn to crawl, then to walk.
I mean I walk pretty good, just not walking while drawing.
The walking part didn't come easy let me tell you, there was a whole lot o'reading before the walking:

Seeing as how I do a pretty good ceramic walk, I figure it's time to learn to do a drawing walk, even if it's a all wobbly and goofy walk.
At least I'll up on two feet.
If you know what I mean.
So besides the instruction manuals, you need some drawing crap, and fortunately, I got a whole box of drawing crap that I've forgotten how to use.
Boy, it's been so long, it's seems like it was in another life, but actually it was in this one.
Life I mean.
So anyways, I'm all charged up and ready to rock and rool!
I mean rock and roll.
I got my drawing crap, my learning to crawl books and fairly good hand eyeball coordination:

I'm like ready to go!
Right after Hawaii Five-O.
Or maybe after the news.
After Letterman?
Practice, practice, practice!

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