Friday, August 19, 2011


Today was kind of a funny day.
I mean I was looking out the windows of the Flat Tire Command Center(FTCC) and the weather looked spectacular!
Then I got my bicycling self together and when I went outside, well, I looked to the left:

Dark low clouds were floating in.
Then I looked to the right:

The skies were all clear and blue!
What to do?
Well since I was all bicycled up, off I went!
Of course, I caught the rain about a mile out.
The weather doesn't bother me so much though, see I'm so fast the unbelievable friction I create heats the air in front of me and dries out the roads.
Path in front:

Path behind:

Yes, folks like it when I blaze on by!
It cleared up pretty fast, them clouds.
It went like four miles out and four miles back and everything was normal again:

I'm about to crush their tourist souls.
The dark clouds though had already done and gone over them mountains:

The wind did pick up some, but I powered on through like it wasn't even there.
In fact, I think I was going so hard, I made the wind change direction!
That's right!
Don't mess with me when I'm on The Big Ring.
I also saw my second kolea of the season:

I wrote about them here.
This guy must be just back from Alaska as his plumage looks a little different from the guy I saw in April.
Them Golden Plovers fly out and fly back in for the winter.
Once I dried up all the streets in Kailua, I headed on home.
I had something else to take care of.
Sneaky camouflaged round green thingys:

There's a bunch of them hiding in my tree.
They think they're fooling me, but I can spot them pretty good:

You can't really see them, but they're in there all right.
Time for me to do something about it.
Time for the Flat Tire Super Avocado Extractor(FTSAE):

Time to change into some camo fatigues and go after them.
Okay, not really.
About the camo fatigues I mean.
Now, I need to learn how to make guacamole.


Steve A said...

I miss the avocado tree we had in California. I didn't know they grew in Hawaii.

PaddyAnne said...

I would love to have an avocado tree in my yard!

johnnytrashbike said...

i just got an idea for a comic book hero called 'The Generator'. rides his bike. saves peoples vacations.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Avocado smashed up in my oatmeal: it's what's for breakfast.

limom said...

The only thing bad about avocado trees is lot o'leaves.

johnnytrashbike(jtb), I swear the tourists were cheering me as I went by.

JRA, guacamoatmeal?