Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Feeling the Breeze

As most of you folks know, it's been rather warm lately.
Not only where you are, but where I am too.
So hot that I got one of them Vornado fan thingys blowing all night long and The Dog parks himself in front of it hogging all the windness.
The school I work at is not air conditioned.
Hardly any schools here are, but they are designed a bit differently than on the Continent schools, with separate buildings and open walkways, and large windows, stuff that is supposed to take advantage of the tropical trade winds.
When the trade winds blow that is.
For lunch, I like to venture off campus, partly to preserve some sanity and partly to get out into the open to feel the breeze:

I usually get to hang out by the canal there for twenty minutes or so, feeling the wind come down from the valley to the north.
Honolulu harbor is right there, about a half mile away:

If you squint your eyeballs you can see one of them interisland barges there, between the trees.
So anyways, the wind was a blowing and a cooling me down and I started to think about getting a new helmet.
The helmet I got is a couple of years old now, but still holding my head together
I haven't crashed it, but I've dropped it a couple of times, though that isn't really an issue.
It more about the breeze.
How much air my noggin is getting.
Not the other side, which I wrote about here.
I was thinking about this the other day, the air my head gets, and standing there by the canal sort of reminded me of what I was thinking about.
The other day I mean.
I was riding, I mean blazing along, drying up the roads and I was wondering just how much air was hitting my head.
At the time it didn't seem like a lot for industrial strength perspiration was dripping down my head, burning my eyeballs but luckily I was going so fast my tears were just evaporating from my face.
I got this helmet way back when I first started to bicycle, back when image wasn't really everything, everything was mostly hoping I could make it back home.
It also isn't the most expensive helmet, in fact it's sort of on the cheap side seeing as how I just got it for the color.
Okay, I was thinking of image way back then too:

Black and nasty of course.
It also happens to be a MTB helmet for back then that's what I rode.
Now, I'm kinda getting the hint that maybe I should graduate to a roadie type helmet, you know, without the visor thingy.
I scoffed.
Hell, I like the visor thingy!
This heat though, and my baking head has sort of got me thinking.
Thinking of more vents.
On the top of my head.
If you know what I mean.
Okay, so I look at possible replacements and I gotta say, them helmets with the lot o'vents ain't cheap!
Seems like you pay more for a lot less.
I mean more ventilation means less helmet right?
Which is a good thing, the less helmet for it means more breeze.
I think.
The thing is my helmet is still perfectly functioning, as a helmet goes, and I'm having a hard time forking over a large chunk of change for less helmet as long as the present helmet still works.
Seems like a waste of a good helmet.
The present helmet I mean.
Then I got like a brand new helmet, in white, the same model and everything, sitting in a box, unused and pristine.
Now if I get a new helmet, just what am I supposed to do with that helmet?
Can't just hang it up and let it flap in the breeze.
On the other hand, I wish I had more breeze on my head and less helmet.
Or maybe I need less hair.
Or something.
Well anyways, I was standing there, next to the canal, the breeze blowing across my unsheltered head, and I got an idea.
Helmet modification!

You know, three or four strategically placed two inch holes to increase air flow and all that.
Okay, not really.
Don't want to mess with the structural integrity of the foam.
Or that shock absorbing material.
So then I'm back to thinking about a new helmet.
Spending more money on something I don't really need.
Or maybe I'll just endure it, I mean how long can this heat thing last?
I mean so what if my head is baking and some brain cells are dying, it's not making my any goofier.
I think.
Actually that hole saw is looking pretty good right now.


Steve A said...

I buy all my helmets from Walmart. The ones I get as presents come from my LBS. Either way, a head sweat helps.

limom said...

I'm gonna try filling the vents with ice cubes before my rides.