Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

The life of a bicycle.
As went through the parts bins over at Kvibe, the free wheel bin in particular, I began to think about the life of a bicycle.
It occurred to me that for the most part, a lot of those free wheels looked brand new.
Despite the rust I mean.
Oh there were some where the teeth were shark toothed to death, but there were some that still carried a hard edge, almost no signs of use.
That made me sad.
Images of a brand new bicycle, ridden only once or twice, then let by the side of house to rust away in the Hawaiian salt air came to mind.
Folks that bought a bicycle for some reason or another, no doubt with good intentions, then for some reason or another, let those good intentions slip away.
Then there are the bicycles that get ridden, and ridden hard.
Bicycles that were perhaps ridden to their limits, like that Vitus I got sitting in front of me.
Ridden till the wheels fell off.
That made me happy.
At the Old Bicycles Home, I wonder what they, the bicycles, talk about?

If they could talk I mean.
In other news, I received a package the other week from a land far, far, away.
From the other side of the world if you will:

I sort of left it unopened until now for I knew what it was.
Lemme tell you, it's something good.
Is it bigger than a bread box?

A while back, in my travels through Bloggerland, I came across something that made my ears perk up.
No, it wasn't on Chicks and Bikes though my ears perk up quite a lot while poking around there too.
It was on Aura of Past Shadows, our friend Trevor's photography site.
One image captured my fancy(that's my British accent), so much so that I requested, pleaded and begged Trevor for a print.
He very kindly complied:

Signed of course, and according to Trevor, one print of ten.
Pure black and white awesomeness!
Now of course I must find a frame.
A big mahalo(that's my Hawaiian accent) to Trevor for granting me a wish!
I'll try and send some sunshine over in your direction.
Today, we got more than enought sunshine to go around.
If you know what I mean.

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