Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Final

It was that kind of day.
Well not the whole day, just the riding part of the day.
It was bad.
Like really bad.
Think of your worstest day on the bike and double it and that's the kind of ride I had.
My poor legs.
At least I think they are my legs.
The way they performed today, I'm not too sure.
Could they be someone else's legs?
Sort of look like my legs.
Except that they were loudly complaining as the miles added up.
Screaming at me they were.
Stop! Stop!
I tried the Jens Voigt thing and told them to quiet down, but no, they weren't listening to me.
This was like the most agonizing ride ever!
Well okay, when I first started riding it was pretty darn agonizing too, so maybe it wasn't the most.
Pretty darn close though.
For the last three months or so I've been taking it easy, riding only on the weekends.
I guess now it's all caught up to me.
Time to pay the whomever.
The Lactic Acid God(LAG).
Oh yes, the LAG has reared his ugly head and made my bicycling time pure misery.
I swear I was only going like ten miles an hour!
Ten grueling, painful, burning, torturous miles per hour.
I sort of knew it was going to be bad as soon as I left the house.
The pedals just felt heavy and I found myself checking to see if maybe I was in a small gear.
So it was small legs for nineteen miles.
I got fatigued fast, and recovery took like what seemed forever!
A huffing and a puffing all the way home.
Sometimes I get like this and oh, after about ten miles or so the legs come back and all is well.
Not today.
I feel so weak, so small, so unworthy.
I was sure folks on the side of the road were pointing at me, making fun of my slowness.
Look at that dude! He's hardly moving!
Yeah, but look at his bike!
I'm so ashamed.
Today, I couldn't even be a poseur.
I was a wannabee poseur.
I've sunk pretty far.
Not for long.
It's time to get off the couch and hit the road and get back into shape!
Time to lay some rubber on the asphalt and put some fear into women and small children!
Time to lose these extra ten pounds I've been carrying around!
Time to call NORAD cause I'm going Super Sonic!
I'm sure the carbon fibre will help.


johnnytrashbike said...

i'm with you. i rode a total of 14 little miles last week and now my knee hurts and i'm stiff and sore. i know how to fix it, though: more miles this week.

Trevor said...

A couple of days rest for recovery and then back out on the bike for more miles....that's he only way to get over this little blip.....

More miles on a regular basis is what the Purple Doctor prescribes....


limom said...

I tremble at the thought of the pain ahead!

Tup said...

You don't have to be fast, you just have to look good.