Friday, September 16, 2011


Okay, I know it's supposed to be n+1.
As far as the number of bicycles one is to have.
There are folks out there who subscribe to that theory and I envy them in a way.
On the other hand, I've found that after three, it gets a bit much.
I mean I got the two road bikes and the Bike With The Funny Name, and I admit, I hardly ride the BWTFN.
I'm still working on installing that kickstand by the way.
I just need to get to the Man Store and pick up a piece of steel flat bar and fabricate a new bracket thingy.
Anyways, I've decided that 1+1, or two bikes is enough for me.
I don't ride off road, and I don't do like cyclocross or anything like that so I'm pretty much stuck with two road bikes.
I sort of miss my 29er, but realistically I only ride on the road and a road bike is much more efficient.
When I ride, I don't usually carry a bunch of stuff so I don't need a rack and I don't go off hauling things around or touring or stuff like that so I figure two bicycles is plenty enough for me.
Which poses a problem for I'd like to have more than two bicycles.
I mean when I look at bicycles, and I do look at a lot of bicycles, seems like I want this one and that one and that one and this one.
I make up reasons why that one would be nice to have and why this one is the one I really need.
Then there's this bicycle which is my ultimate dream bike and that one which is my ultimate dream bike.
If you know what I mean.
Realistically though, two are plenty.
If I had a third road bike, I probably would spend too much time thinking about which bicycle to ride to actually ride any of them.
I've only ridden both of them on one day and that was sort of a fluke for once I get home from a ride, I don't really feel like going back out.
I'm sort of a one ride a day kind of guy.
I can only stand so much physical exertion in one day before my body starts to crave stuff like ice cream and pizza.
Besides, Law & Order is like always on and well, Law & Order is like the coolest show ever.
So anyways, since I'm on a Quest for Christmas Steel(QFCS), I'm beginning to think that bicycles are not a forever thing.
They come and go and go and come.
I guess I ride cause I like to ride something new and different.
Which is strange cause I hardly think of what I'm riding while I'm riding.
I mean while I'm riding, it doesn't really matter what I'm riding just as long as I'm riding a bicycle.
Well, not just any bicycle.
I think I've made that clear.
The thing is, I can only ride one bicycle at a time.
So what to do.
Will there ever come into my possession a bicycle for the ages, a bicycle that will be a constant, the ONE that's part of the ONE+1?
Or will it be more like 1+1-1+1-1+1 etc.
Actually that's sort of fun.
The 1+1-1+1-1+1 thing I mean.
Unfortunately as far as forms of entertainment goes, it's not very economical.
Then again, it wouldn't be fun if it was.
I think.
So what I've decided to do, and I'm going to do my best on this, is to look at every bicycle made in the world and I'm gonna pick two.
This may take me a while, but I seem to have a lot of time on my hands so it may not take as long as I think.
Hopefully I'll be done by next year or so and I'll have some kind of idea what exactly 1+1 means when it comes to bicycle ownership.
I have to limit myself to 1+1 cause if I did the n+1 thing I'd own every bicycle in the world.
Well, I guess I'd need some sort of large storage facility to put them in so maybe that's not a very good idea:

Real estate ain't exactly cheap around these parts.
I'd also have to like work all the time to pay off them bicycles so maybe I wouldn't have time to ride.
Not a very good idea also.
No, I think I'll stick to the 1+1 thing.
Unless something new and fantastical comes along and it may turn out to be 1+1+1.
Maybe even 1+1+1+1.
With a +1 snuck in there for good measure.
I mean you can never have too many bikes right?
Well, two I think are enough for me.
Along with a back up and a spare.
I'm limiting myself to three bicycles!
That's it!


Andrew Cooper said...

I only have one bike. My problem is telescopes. 1+1+1+1+1?

Yes that does add up to five. Even worse... A brand new toy arrives soon. 1+1+1+1+1+1

John Romeo Alpha said...

I think if I reduced down to two bikes my family would no longer consider me bike-crazy. Only two bikes??? shiver

limom said...

Andrew Cooper, if I lived where you live, I'd probably have more telescopes than bicycles.
In fact, been thinking about a TV85 or a large reflector.

JRA, two is good, three is prefect cause then you got a back up to the back up.