Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The international distress signal.
If you are using Morse Code.
I know Morse Code cause I got a license that says I know Morse Code but no one I know ever uses Morse Code anymore cause there's like this thing called the interwebz now.
Anyways, not the SOS I'm talking about.
I'm talking about the Same Old S#!t.
Which is what I try not to do.
As a ceramic person, a potter to be more exact, it's easy to get into a groove and make the same ole stuff over and over.
I know, cause I've been there and done it.
As a matter of fact, I still do it mainly cause I like to do it.
I don't do it very often so I guess it's okay, and the fact that I'm aware of it I suppose is good too.
I do it for it's sort of a trademark for me and not a lot of folks work in that shape or form.
Okay, I'm getting off topic.
Lemme try again.
I dislike doing the SOS.
Actually it's sort of easy for me not to do the SOS for once I get around to making something, I usually tire of it and move on to bigger/smaller things.
There are exceptions, sometimes I'll work in a series of related things or themes, sometimes I work a shape or form until I tire of it, sometimes I'll work a glaze until I get it right.
Mainly I dislike being repetitive.
This time though, I had to do it.
The form just fit the glaze, the glaze just matched the form.
The more I looked a it, the more I became set on using those metallic glazes again.
The problem, and maybe it's only in my head, is that I feel these glazes are sort of gimmicky.
I'm disguising the clay, when I should be showing it off.
I'm turning it into something it isn't supposed to be.
The really big issue is that I've already done it, in a show, and I don't want to seem like I'm trying to duplicate my success.
Not this way, not with this glaze.
Very conflicted am I.
Although I'm pretty satisfied with the way it's turning out, the further I go along, the more I get a sense of deja vu; been there done that, and I don't like it.
What I'm hoping is the form will prevent the "aw he did that last year" comments and overall the piece will stand on it's own.
I hope.
Okay, I'm almost done, I should have full shots in a couple of days.
For now, a sneak preview:

One more firing if all goes well.
Hopefully, the glaze doesn't go goofy on me though going goofy may be just what it needs.
If you know what I mean.


Steve A said...

Goofy Glaze. Sounds like a commercial product to me.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Goofy may be just what it needs. Remember that I will.

limom said...

The Goofy is good.