Monday, September 12, 2011

Escape From Monday

Escape I did.
Well, actually I realized I left home without some important stuff so I had to come back.
The only issue was when.
I figured I could take a half day and come back or I could take a whole day and come back and I figured taking a whole day was way more productive.
For me anyways.
So back home I came.
Well, I figured since I was home I might as well be productive(see above) so I got back to the teapot thingy.
I added a spout and an exhause pipe/handle.
Of sorts:

As you can see, I also did another lid, but that didn't work out too good.
So I'll have to get on one there soon, the clay is starting to dry out.
This teapot will be on tracks.
You know that if you checked out The Garage.
So I also did some wheels, the treads, and the fender thingy:

This thing is going to be heavy.
I try not to make bricks, but with all the elements in this I can't help it.
As for bicycle content, I finally got my new patches:

I've been waiting for them so I can start doing up the Capo track jacket I got earlier.
I figured sewing them on the sleeves would look all tarck and poseur like and they would look good next to my othet patch:

I wrote the dude that makes them asking if they could do some other patches like Deda Elementi or Columbus, but so far I haven't heard anything back.
If you've ever been to a patch place or a place where they do custom hats, making these things are pretty easy.
You just scan in the design and the computer just embroiders it up.
Like magic.
Okay, off to change my oil I go.
If you'd like to see more of the teapot stuff, The Garage is the place to be.
Hopefully I can finish this one up tomorrow and get started on the other squished one.
No more escapes from work.
At least for this week.

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