Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

Good morning.
Sorry, I'm not really here for I'm out on the road somewhere headed in this direction.
Yes organized ride fans, I'm on the Honolulu Century Ride!

Make that half century.
I'm not doing the whole thing for I gotta come back and start on the teathingys.
I was sort of planning on doing like seventy five miles, going out to the turnaround and just coming back home, since the course passes right in front of The Flat Tire Command Center, but this year, you only get your shirt if go back to the start finish.
So from the start finish, I gotta ride home, then ride back to the start finish then ride back home.
The last leg in the Hokumobile, as he's driving us down there.
So anyways, I'm somewhere on the course, hopefully nothing exploded yet and I'll be back with full documentation for your viewing pleasure.
So as I'm writing this, I'm getting ready, I don't know why since it's only like a twenty five mile hop back here where everything is, but you know, I'm trained that way:

Another patch to put on my poseur tarck jacket, if I ever get around to sewing them patches on.
So anyways, I bet you, the reader, are wondering what's going on with the teathingys.
Well, so far nothing.
I spent the day looking at teathingy two, imagining and discarding color schemes.
I've narrowed it down though, so maybe I'll be starting today.
Teathingy three has been launched and is cooling down so it too should be ready to go when I get back:

That's the kiln cooling down, sort of.
Actually it hit temperature an hour or so ago and now it's coming back down.
So far so good.
I had to do some work on teathingy three as the lid was really tight, so tight it wasn't going to fit once I glazed it so I had to do some sanding down.
I also got me some new glazes:

The red mark on the label means the glaze was discontinued, luckily the ceramic folks still had some in the back so I bought two.
I went through the glaze box:

Hoping something would come to me.
Well after saying non to a bunch of glazes, I finally narrowed it down to a few I think I'm going to use.
This being for teathingy two.
Teathingy three, I'll talk about later as I don't want to bachi myself seeing as it's still in the kiln.
I start talking about it now and things could start falling off.
If you know what I mean.
So anyways, while I'm out riding around today, I'm hoping I'll get some sort of vision as industrial strength perspiration burns my eyeballs, and I'll have good idea of what I'm going to do as far as glazing goes.
More when I get back.
I hope it doesn't rain.

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