Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Time Again!

For the Honolulu Century Ride(HRC).
Sponsored by the Hawaii Bicycling League, it's a ride that's basically the opposite of the Haleiwa Metric Century(HMC), since both use the same turn around point, Swanzy Beach Park.
Which is about twenty five miles from Flat Tire Central.
If you've been following along at home you, the reader, know that I've done both twice, though I've never actually done the whole Honolulu Century.
I've done the fifty mile portion once, and last year, I only did like thirty miles.
I didn't bother returning to the start area, since the ride route passes literally right in front of the Command Center.
Last years ride pics can be found here.
This year, I'm not sure what part I'm doing, it depends on who drives and who's doing it.
Hoku the former evil one said he's going so I think I'll be venturing forth with him and I think he said he's got someone he knows who'll be venturing forth with him.
The thing about the Honolulu Century Ride is that the nice half, in my opinion, is a ride that I can do anytime, it's basically my Around The Horn ride, and the other half is not so nice.
I've done half of the not so nice part so I sort of know. I mean only half of the not so nice part is actually nice, but that's half I didn't do.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, doing this ride is mostly about seeing all the bicycle blingness cause more folks do this ride than the ride I'd rather do which is the Haleiwa ride.
I would direct you to pics of that ride, but I didn't really take too many pics this year cause I was on a mission and it was overcast, but if you really want to know, go here.
So anyways this year, I have a new problem.
What bicycle to take.
I guess that's a good problem, but really it's a tactical one for there are those two little hills on the HCR, and you have to do them again if you want to go back.
To the start finish I mean.
The two hills, the Hill of the Kiss of Death and the Hill of the Sleeps With the Fishes, are my two nemisis hills.
I've only made the Hill of the Kiss of Death once, last year on the 29er, and I've never made the Hill of the Sleeps With the Fishes, even on my last try a couple of months ago.
I wish I had Prevaricating Garmin info on last year's ride so that you could see my heart rate hitting DEFCON 1. Seriously, it took me a while to recover after cresting that thing.
For psychological reasons, I'm probably taking the Celeste Devil with the compact.
Though I must say, confidence is high on taking those hills on since I know a bit more about staying hydrated and fueled.
I'm also learning a bit more on how to climb.
I've been working on adjusting my cadence and pace, locking into a tempo of sorts, and controlling my breathing.
It seems to be working since although my heart rate redlines, I don't really feel like blowing up.
Well, not too much.
I think working a higher gear has helped, along with working in a higher heart rate zone. My anaerobic fitness is better, though still not where I'd like it to be.
I think I can only get in three or four good rides before the HCR on the 25th, so I'll be going hard then taking two or three days off before the weekend.
One the other hand, that's what I say all the time.
About going hard I mean.
The thing is, I've been thinking of hills and that's a good thing for usually I think of hills but not really.
Now, I'm really thinking of hills.
Sort of.
Okay no, I really am.
I think.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I love my triple chain ring. I prefer getting up the hill with a granny gear over not getting up the hill with a compact double ring even though image is everything and people scorn my third ring but mechanical advantage outweighs all.

limom said...

I sometimes miss my MTB triple.
So much so that I was looking at CX triples.
So far though, I think the 34/21 combo is good and I still have the 23-25 as bail out gears.
Now the standard rings, that's a different story!
The thing is I don't really do enough climbing to justify a triple.
Maybe that's why I suck at it.