Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Final

A day of awesomeness.
Oh yeah.
A rocking and a rolling on the Celeste Devil.
Clear skies and a slight breeze.
What more can you ask for.
Some legs would be nice, and thankfully mine showed up today.
Sunday means football.
This time, real kine football, with helmets and pads and referees and all:

Only these were nine and ten year olds knocking each other around.
Some of the parents though, were acting like it was the Superbowl.
Off I went!
I swear I was going so fast, I was sucking the leaves off of trees!
Some early victims:

That's right girls, go back and peel your souls off of the pavement.
Like I was saying it was really a nice day.
A prelude to a great Labor Day?

Look how flat the water is!
Like I could ride right over it.
Well, I probably can, if I went fast enough that is.
Don't want to scare the snorkelers don't you know.
Anyways, I was feeling so good, it was time to do the Hill Where No One Can Hear You Scream(HWNOCHYS):

Time to test out the ole Constant Velocity Thighs(CVT).
This time, I went down a gear and tried to take my time.
You know, so that my heart didn't like explode.
I think all this riding in The Big Ring helps for I wasn't a huffing and a puffing as much I usually am.
Here's looking up once I got down the other side:

The Prevaricating Garmin said it was 7-8% grade, but I think it was more like 10 or maybe 20.
I'll be going back up that way in a bit.
First I stopped off at My Friend Marc's(MFM) house, he lives right across the street from where I took that pic.
After visiting for an hour or so, it was back up the HWNOCHYS and a picture of Kaneohe Bay:

That island there is Moku o'Loe, or Coconut Island.
If you've ever seen Gilligan's Island, that's it.
I worked there for a while as student help in the maintenance shop, it's home to the Hawaii Institute for Marine Biology, or HIMB.
I learned to drive a boat there:

Back down the hill and heading back home.
First I had to stop to refuel:

Nowadays, I'm more conscious of drinking water and making sure I got something in my belly to burn as fuel.
On days that I forget to hit up the water bottle, I notice I'm dragging it as I get close to home.
If I make sure I'm drinking and refilling the bottle at least once, I feel a lot better after doing my route.
Well, not a whole lot better now that I'm Rocking The Big Ring(RTBR):

That's right excruciating pain fans!
Photographic evidence that I am indeed, using that sucker!
Lemme tell you it was difficult at first, especially since it was all nice and pristine.
Getting it all black and greasy went against all my OCD impulses.
Still, it's helping my climbing abilities.
Soon I'll be gliding up hills like rocks on ice.
You know, like in curling.
I mean it's not like I watch a lot of curling.
In fact I don't even know why I thought of it.
Anyways, I'll be climbing hills a lot better.

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