Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bedtime Stories

I eat, sleep, and dream bicycles.
Okay, not really.
I can't really eat a bicycle, and I rarely dream of bicycles although there are bicycles I dream of while not sleeping.
Okay, I don't really eat, sleep, and dream bicycles.
It just feels like I do.
Sort of.
Anyways, what I was getting at is my sleepy time routine.
Everynight, I load up some bicycling podcast to put me to sleep.
Usually, the Two Johns Podcast, but they've been slacking lately so I've been listening to reruns mostly which is okay since I usually fall asleep with ten minutes or so.
Since I only get ten minutes of the podcast at a time, it takes me like weeks to get through the whole thing.
The Two Johns is sort of an acquired taste, you got to get to know them to really appreciate what they are all about. In my case, I took to them right away.
Now, they even got a call in thingy were they'll Tweet when they are recording and encourage folks to call in with questions or comments.
I sort of prefer the regular Listener Feedback segment though where they read listener emails and respond.
Recently, one of the Johns inteviewed Bob Parlee and it was nice to hear the voice behind the frames.
Anyways, this is not really about the Two Johns.
I found this new podcast called The Outspoken Cyclist.
They are on a college station out of Cleveland I believe and each week they have an hour long show.
There are two hosts, one a woman named Diane, and a dude, I forget his name, and they keep things interesting.
Diane it seems, used or still does, run a bike store and it seems like she's been doing it for some time.
What I really like about The Outspoken Cyclist though is the interviews.
Recently they had Tom Kellogg, Kirk Pacenti, some dude from Salsa, their most recent interviews are from Interbike.
I haven't gone too far back in the archives yet, but I'm working on it.
The Outspoken Cyclist is a nice way to spend an hour listening to folks talk cycling.
Not that I make it through the whole hour.
Sometimes I get through a half hour or so before my eyeballs get tired and sleepy time takes over.
Since I'm mentioning my bedtime stories, I should also mention the Jodcast, which is astronomy related, if you're into that sort of thing.
It comes out bi-monthly with the latest news from outer space. They also have an interview where some scientist folk explains what part of the universe they are studying and why.
Nerdy stuff, but interesting also.
So what I was getting at was I'm interested if any of you, the readers, have any podcasts you listen to.
Sometimes I need some new stories to send me off the Neverneverland so I was wondering if there was anything out there I was missing.
If you haven't given any podcasts a listen, try the ones above, they are if anything entertaining.
Not as entertaining as The Flat Tire (est. 1957) of course.
Coming to you with 3.5 GAGILLION WATTS of power!
Or something.


Mark said...

I went to Architecture school with one of the two Johns. He is an awesome guy.

Steve A said...

I hadn't thought of bike podcasts as a way to get to sleep. Of course, pottery glazing technique podcasts might work even better, especially the degree-by-degree descriptions of the furnace temperature changes.

limom said...

Mark, that's pretty cool!
I'm going to guess it was John K.

Steve A, ceramic stuff actually keeps me awake!
In fact in my beginning days, sometimes I wouldn't be able to sleep and I'd hit up the studio at school at like 3 AM.

Mark said...

That is a very good guess.

I have been listening to Adam Carolla to get to sleep. It is not about bicycling but it is pretty funny.

Sometimes though I can't get to sleep. To much laughing.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I read to go to sleep. Usually "Bicycling Science," trying to understand ornate lugged frames.

limom said...

Mark, I'll check Adam out!

JRA, boy if that book puts you to sleep, I'm all over it.
By the way, subliminal messages don't work on me.
Not really anyways.