Thursday, September 8, 2011


Not to be confused with The Pooper, which is The Flat Tire secret code name for The Dog.
Sometimes I call him Poops, for short.
Anyways, I'm all pooped!
Which is not a good thing for I was thinking of getting out for some miles today but when I got home, I wimped out.
I've been having a hard time getting in my midweek mileage, as soon as I get home it seems like I'm ready for a nap.
I think I need to HTFU.
Or something.
Anyways, the Stand of Bicycle is finally here.
After years of talking about it, my brother finally went and got it from where ever it was and brought it home, I just had to pick it up.
Lemme tell you, it is not what I expected.
I mean it must have been manufactured sometime back around the turn of the century or something cause it weighs like a GAGILLION pounds.
By turn of the century I mean like the 19th century.
It's so heavy duty it could probably hold me up.
No really.
I sort of feel bad now that I got it cause now there are no bicycles to fix or repair.
My three bicycles are pretty much good to go and I got nothing on the horizon.
Okay, not really.
I got something on the horizon but it so way out there, it might be hanging off the edge of the Earth.
It sort of feels funny without any bicycling related projects going on.
I guess that's a good thing for it's time for some ceramic related projects to get started.
Speaking of ceramics, I got this thing tomorrow:

Induction, so to speak, into Hawaii State Art Museum.
Actually part of the Art in Public Places Collection.
If you've been following along at home you, the reader, know that I got lucky and one of my ceramic thingys was purchased by the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
I was supposed to go to a private reception tonight, but I forgot to repondez s'il vous plait and I am really tired.
So instead I'm hitting up the public reception tomorrow night to see the Industrial Tea Pot maybe one last time.
I'm hoping that if they, the state, do stick it in some bathroom somewhere, at least they tell me where it is.
That way I can visit don't you know.
It's been almost a year since that show and that means it's time for that show again and that means I got to get going and try to come up with something new.
Which ain't as easy as it sounds.
Entries are due at the beginning of next month so I'll be starting this weekend.
I promise.
No more last minute stuff.
I hope.
I sort of have a vague idea of what I want to do, but that's about it.
We'll see what comes out of the clay on Saturday.
Okay, more poopedness is coming on so time to hit the Horizontal Moving Picture Show Viewing Station(HMPSVS).
Maybe I'll dream of something wonderful.
Like riding my bicycle.
Or my old Oldsmobile.
Or something.
Time to take out The Pooper so he can do his thing.
Maybe he'll make something wonderful.
Or something.


Steve A said...

Art in public places. As in good stuff lying alongside the road? Seems like an odd place to keep a cool tea pot.

limom said...

Wouldn't that be awesome though?
My stuff on the side of the road I mean.