Monday, September 19, 2011

Lucky Me

Sometimes, you find answers in least expected places.
I guess my pack rack mentality pays off.
I've been struggling over a design problem.
I guess I was thinking too far ahead.
What looks good on paper doesn't necessarily translate to the real world.
If you know what I mean.
The tall skinny pot needed some mobility.
I was going to make tracks, like the other command center thingy, but I wanted to do something different.
Except I have equipment limitations.
First of all, to get the piece to "stand," I need to chuck it up.
No, not upchuck though I suppose I could call it that too:

The thingy the pot is sitting in is called a chuck.
Which is all fine and dandy except the chuck is too tall.
I was thinking of shorter "legs" to keep the tallness closer to the ground.
That chuck also has a shortcoming, mainly the lip that goes around the top.
I would have to extend the "legs" past the lip to get it on the ground, like I did with the not so show worthy thingy I did a couple of months ago:

Not what I had envisioned.
So I was looking at ways to overcome this problem.
I could have cut off the lip on the chuck so that the spread of the "legs" was not as severe.
If I was going that way, I could have cut the chuck down to the appropriate size too.
Not easy as the chuck has already been fired, so it would have been like cutting ceramic tile.
Well, thank my lucky stars the lid from the earlier project didn't work out!
A short section separated from the discarded lid and is perfect for my needs:

That small cup looking thingy in front will be my new chuck.
Luckily, I didn't throw it away when the first lid concept went south.
Speaking of cups, I've decided to make matching cups for these things so I probably won't have time to do three teabots.
I've been looking at my schedule and I think I'll be lucky to get two of them out.
I gotta say, I'm not really sure how this concept is going.
I mean I like it, but not really.
Hopefully something will come to me that will really set these things off.
Meanwhile, the first teabot is on the range and ready for lift-off.
I mean roll off:

I hope it makes it.


johnnytrashbike said...

i think they look cool. although, i'm more of a coffeebot guy
myself. can't wait to see the finished product.

limom said...

We'll see what they look like in a few weeks.