Friday, September 30, 2011

B & N

No, not Barnes and Nobles.
Though that's going to be the last mega bookstore left around these parts now that Borders is going, going, gone.
I admit, I've not patronized a brick and mortar book store in a while, most of my book buying is done on Amazon, but the bargain book sections are nice to browse.
Anytime I can get an art book for less than twenty bucks, that's deal for art books are usually expensive because of all the pictures.
Anyways, I got the thingy No.2 out of the kiln tonight:

That's right black and nasty fans!
It's well, black and nasty!
With a bit o'red.
Actually I used two different blacks there, flat and gloss.
I was going to do the spring part as a metallic, but decided that it would detract more than add so I went with a flat black, to try and suggest something well, springy:

The lid is presently back in the kiln, I gave the port holes the white gold treatment, to give the impression of glass.
Unfortunately, it's not the only thing that will have to be refired, for I missed a spot on the treads, so after the lid comes out, the bottom part will have to go back in too:

I should have glazed the bottom part last, since it was the area that was going to be handled the most but I usually glaze with whatever glaze is open at the time and forgot to inspect the area before dropping it in the kiln.
User error.
So am I happy with it?
I'm not sure.
On the other hand, I'm not sure exactly what I could have done to make this thingy any better.
Something is just goofy about the whole composition, I'm much happier with the way thingy No.3 turned out.
By the way, officially they are now known as Tea Mechanica No.2 and No.3.
I think it's difficult to determine which side is the face, or front.
Looking at it now, it seems like it could be either way though the face is the side with the short spout:

I guess this is one of those pieces where folks will see what they want to see and front and back will be sort of ambiguous.
Okay, I'll get better pics later, before they get shipped off to be judged by a jury of their peers.
Or something.


Steve A said...

The other side is the face if you tend to see elephants with trunks. The bright-eyed side is the face if you tend to see animals with tails.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Mechanically, I am wondering if the tread unit is a standalone power assembly, or if there is some sort of linkage down through the spring. I guess an electrical line would be very feasible, possibly hydraulics, not sure if that would work though. Also, for high speed, does the top unit lower for aerodynamics, fold back on itself, or just ride up there high and proud? Nice work BTW.

limom said...

Steve A, I should have added something, I dunno what, so that it's not so ambiguous.

JRA, the treads are self contained.
I thought of exhausting it, but decided that the exhaust would come from the the top, obviously connected within the springy thingy.
Hydraulic lines did cross my mind as did a ram, but since this was a battle tea thingy, why would such lines be exposed, so again contained within the springy thingy.
The unit is at maximun retraction for a better COG while traveling at speed, maximun extension is to achieve strategic superiority while maneuvering through water or overhead canopy jungle.
If such things exist, where ever it comes from.
The outer armor is round to better deflect hits and the springy thingy also helps to absorb the shock of direct hits.
It's the latest development from The Flat Tire Skunkworks(FTS) called The Bobble Head Defense Mechanism(BHDM).
Opposing forces(OPFOR) have not quite figured out how to overcome this wonderous new invention.