Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tarck Poseur

I am making it official.
So official that I even have a uniform.
Of sorts.
I mean I don't even have a single speed or fixed gear or anything close to tarck, but I do have like road bikes, so maybe it's not really posing.
Seeing as how image is everything though, and I just couldn't resist when this thing came up on Bonktown, I figured something to declare my poseurdom was in order:

That's right lightweight winter accessory fans!
A Capoforma tarck jacket.
It was only like forty bucks and to be honest, I don't exactly know where I'm supposed to wear it, especially since there's like no track within a couple thousand miles of where I am.
Okay, make that two thousand five hundred miles.
Of where I am I mean.
Anyways, I set the jacket aside for I had an evil plan.
If I was going to wear the jacket, I might as well go all in and decorate it with whatever tarck stuff I could find.
Or just whatever.
So I got these:

You can add a Cinelli patch to that collection too.
The problem is, where to attach them.
As you can see, there really isn't much room on the jacket, not with that humungasoid CAPO thingy on the front.
I thought about putting them in the back, sort of like how we used to do it with shooting jackets, way back in another life.
Then I thought, how about the sleeves?

Keep in mind I got one more patch coming in:

Must do what I can to appease the celeste gods don't you know.
Well I was also thinking that maybe I should put them all on the front, on the chest:

That sort of looks a bit busy though, kinda distracts from the humungasoid CAPO logo.
Not that I know what Capo is supposed to mean.
Isn't it like some kind of Italian mafia term?
The tarck mafia.
The tarck poseur mafia.
Black and nasty and all patched up.
Boy, when I get this all done I'm going to look really cool and fast and pro.
When I'm getting some frozen pizza at the supermarket.
Or something.


johnnytrashbike said...

i think i like them on the front. although the people you're passing won't be able to see them, so the sleeves. however, you're going to be nothing more than a blur to anyone who dares get in front of you, so yeah the front.

limom said...

I like your thinking!
Actually I should put them in back cause that's the only thing folks will see anyways.