Friday, September 2, 2011

Just a Dream

Boy, this was crazy.
Okay, this is not bicycle related in anyway.
Well, I guess I could make something up, but then it wouldn't be real.
Not that it was real in the first place.
The not real thing was a dream I had last night.
So vivid, so realistic, so, so strange.
As far as dreams go.
Actually, they're all pretty strange, so let's just say this one was way strange.
So anyways, I was like all dressed up in clothes from the the 1930's.
In the beginning part at least.
Seems I was the head of some sort of Bonnie and Clyde like band of robbers and we had just knocked over some financial institution somewhere in Kaimuki.
Kaimuki is an area over in Honolulu, sort of near the University of Hawaii, this will be important later.
So anyways, we had just robbed this place, or maybe we had just blasted our way in cause okay, here's the PG-13 part, there were a couple of dead folks there on the floor.
I didn't shoot em, maybe one of my unidentifiable cohorts did cause there were like two guys on the ground and they weren't moving.
So anyways, someone got the loot, but we weren't done.
Oh no, not by a long shot.
See, I wanted to ransack the place, it was made up of eight or so offices, the kind with glass walls and doors with wooden frames.
So I'm a rifling through all the desks and opening strong boxes and filling my pockets with cash and antique jewelry.
Which was pretty cool, since all the jewelry was sort of Art Nouveau, or Art Deco like.
I'm talking like humungasoid diamond rings in these crazy elaborate settings.
Oh yeah.
So far, pretty standard dream stuff, if you dream a Jim Thompson dream.
Okay, so we got all our swag and here's where it gets really funky like.
The gang is dressed up in like pinstripes and short fat ties and fedoras, but the getaway car is like my old '84 Oldsmobile!

Okay, that's not my Oldsmobile, but it looked just like that.
Except mine still had the hubcaps.
I don't know why or how my Oldsmobile popped in there.
I mean it's a dream, you'd think I could do better than my beat up Oldsmobile!
It doesn't really matter cause we don't have that far to go.
Seems the finance company is right next door to a gas station, the old type of gas station with a service bay and an office.
Well the plan is to barbecue next door at the gas station, you so that the cops won't suspect us for knocking over the finance place.
Well, the goofiness gets better cause now I'm thinking I shouldn't have taken the two cases of beer from the finance place, cause my brother is going to be along any minute and he's going to be looking for that beer and maybe I should go to the store and get two cases to put back in the fridge so that he, my brother, won't get busted by the cops when he goes looking for the beer in the finance place, which I took.
So now I'm driving around in my Oldsmobile, looking for a mom and pop store to buy two cases of beer, which was really cheap beer, I forget which kind, I just know it was really cheap, like Hamm's or Keystone or something.
Well, forget the beer cause now I'm back in front of the finance place, sort on the side of the service station, hoping no one goes into the finance place cause there's like two dead dudes inside.
Oh no!
A yellow VW Rabbit pulls up and some guy goes in and comes back out and hangs a sign on the door!
The old boxy looking Rabbits, not the newer ones.
I forget what the sign said.
Doesn't matter for now I'm like with my brother and my father and my sister, who now has a totally different husband, and we're in the back of the service station which must now belong to my dad cause it's like full of junk, the kind of junk he tends to collect.
So I'm thinking wow! this is like a lot of junk and my sister's dream husband is holding a kid which is not my nephew and I'm on a laptop computer which has a toilet for a mouse.
No really, the mouse was shapped like a toilet, with a little button on it for a clicker thingy!
Well forget the computer, for now we are all sitting around a wooden table with old chrome steel and vinyl type chairs from the sixties and we're gathered around a small black and white television watching Univerisity of Hawaii's baseball team.
Except the reception is pretty bad so I get up and mess with the rabbit ears and it doesn't work so I have to move around to the back of the table to mess with the antennas some more and I'm thinking they better not tell me to stay there when the picture clears up and how is it that the picture is so fuzzy when the baseball stadium is like right up the street and then I think that it's probably because they're not broadcasting from the stadium but from someplace downtown and I'm still messing with the antennas and then I got up.
I gotta say, it was all very strange.
Well okay, not that strange for I admit I have stranger dreams it's just that I usually forget what they are about usually by the time I'm brushing my teeth.
I had a dream once where I was some sort of mercenary or something and I was picking out weapons like in The Matrix, but I woke up before I could use any of 'em.
Then there was the one where I was some kind of exorcist and I was chasing the devil cause he was making smoking holes in the ground.
I lost him going up the stairs of some apartment building.
The devil, I mean.
I used to get up and write them down, you know, as sort of a reference, but now they're more a source of amusement than a source of creativity.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, thankfully it was all just a dream.
Except for the money and jewels part.
I sort of wish that part was real.


johnnytrashbike said...

you've got the really nice clothes; maybe you were robbing places to save some money to pimp out that olds.

limom said...

The more I think about it, maybe that dream was actually a nightmare.
Because of the Olds and all.
I bought that thing for like $1200 and sold it for a hunsky.