Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Final

Boy, I messed up today.
I was so into what I was doing I forgot my nephew's birthday party.
I might have to give him one of these to make up for it.
By these, I mean these thingys I was working on.
I didn't get far, for I started a bit late and I had to wait for everything to get just right to start working on them.
I still have a long ways to go.
Anyways, I started off by making a couple of planters, you know, to warm up.
Then I did this:

Everything on the potters wheel starts off with a cylinder.
Bowls of course, start off with a shorter cylinder, but a cylinder none the less.
Once I made my cylinder, I did this:

I was going to close it off, but decided not to.
More on that later.
Then I made a round thingy:

I gotta say, I'm outta practice.
Need to work on my Jedi skilz don't you know.
I also did a couple of lids, you'll see them later.
Or maybe you won't.
Then, I went on a ride.
Then my phone rang and I instantly remembered that I was supposed to be somewhere.
Boy, I hate when that happens!
It was already late, and I figured everyone went home, so I ate an ice cream cookie thingy:

That was after I had my cream soda.
Can't go without the cream soda.
When I got home, I had to do the hard part.
Now watch carefully, cause I'm only gonna do this once.
Remember this?

I don't usually alter stuff, but I have a plan.
You get two flat thingys, and put your clay thingy between them:

Then you press.
Until you achieve the desired result:

Okay, not exactly the desired result.
Remember when I said I was going to close it off?
I should have for closing it off helps the thingy keep some of its shape when you squish it.
Instead of popping out, the back end collapsed inwards.
Not a huge problem, but now I must improvise.
More than usual, I mean.
Okay, after I squished it, I cut a hole in the top and added a lid:

Can you see where I'm going?
Let me know cause I got no idea.
Okay, not really.
I have detailed plans.
Sort of.
Then I just had time to trim the other round thingy:

I did a lid for that too, but I messed it up which was okay for I didn't really like where it was going.
When I fix it on Tuesday, I'll show you the junk one so you can see how what looks good on paper doesn't always look good for real.
Anyways, I got a long ways to go.
Many miles before I sleep.
I may have to take a day off somewhere along here, just so that I don't have to break up the work.
We'll see how far I get next Sunday.
By the way, if you are really interested in all this, I'll post up a detailed play by play on the The Garage.
After I watch Breaking Bad.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I see eyes and and a tassel on that thing. Tassel sticking straight out the top of the cap. Or a brim like a cap. You probably don't see the eyes though.

limom said...

You are close, but no cigar.