Friday, September 23, 2011

One Down

Sort of.
Last night, I cracked open the kiln and took out the first teabot cause I just had to see if it made it.
I had to use gloves cause it was still freaking hot.
Remember, I am a professional, don't try this at home.
So anyways, the first one made it!
As long as nothing falls off I mean:

I didn't have time to add any accents or goofiness, the clay was really starting to dry out so I had to just finish it up and fire it. I like the spring looking thingy, reminds me of one of those things you stick on your dashboard.
Not my best effort, but I sort of like it.
Now comes the hard part, the dreaded glazing.
I have no idea how I'm going to do the tracks, but I better come up with something cause I put tracks on the other thingy too.
I haven't ruled out the camouflage job using an analogous color theme, either in red or blue or maybe purple.
Then again, I may just give it a conventional glaze job and use my good ole neons again.
I'll work on that tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow, I have to pick up my Honolulu Century Ride packet.
Boy, I can't believe it's on Sunday!
I'll probably just do fifty miles so I can come back and work on these things.
I did manage to finish up the second teabot, again that is if nothing falls off:

Instead of all medieval looking it turned out sort of Art Deco-ish.
I think.
I just went with the simple solution to finish up the tracks and still get the results I wanted:

Once I take away that center support, I think it will look okay.
I hope to fire this one up on Saturday so that I can start glazing it on Sunday when I get back.
That way, I'll have three kiln days left to fire all that stuff up.
I need an extra day, just in case don't you know.
Time to break out the glazes!
Oh boy.


Mark said...

Those are awesome.

Steve A said...

That is the coolest teapot, er bot, I have seen - ever. Camo, or neon both have their positives. Regardless, the glaze will make or break (I don't know whether a punnwas intended) the piece. Get 'er done!

johnnytrashbike said...

they're cool! with the spring thingy, the first one looks like it would drive up and just tip over to pour tea in you cup.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Dazzle us with camouflage! Neon dazzle! The dazzle pot: impossible to tell course or direction when underway.

limom said...

Thanks for the kind words.
My helmet isn't going to fit my head.