Wednesday, September 28, 2011


One of my favorite words.
As in just go for it.
Do it.
Jump in, damn the torpedoes, leap before you look, etc.
So I did.
Plunge I mean:

No more waffling, hemming and hawing, getting my panties all in a bunch.
I just picked out a glaze and started on in.
I don't wear panties, it's just an expression.
Anyways, I got tired of looking at teathingy two so I just went with a color combination that I thought would look okay.
I gotta say, doing them wheels and treads were making my eyeballs all goo-goo:

Glazing the interior wheels were making me crazy as I don't have any right angle brushes.
Not quite sure how they are going to turn out for getting in there was a bit difficult.
I suppose that since they are on the inside, so most folks won't be looking in there, but I know they are there and that's what counts.
If you know what I mean.
Teathingy three will be coming out later tonight, so maybe I'll get some images tomorrow.
I finished up doing the wheels on that earlier and it's in the kiln right now:

If all goes well, tomorrow will be when teathingy two gets fired, tomorrow or Thursday.
That will need to fired twice also as I'll be adding some of that white gold lustre glaze to finish the portholes.
More on that later.
It's starting to look like I'll be able to finish up with a day to spare, just in case something goes wrong and I need to fire one last time.
At least I have some margin for error and I may even have time to go out for a ride.
Okay, if you are at all interested in reading more about the teathingys, I'll post up on The Garage a more detailed description of how these things came together.
I'm getting all excited to see how these things will turn out.
Sort of.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Forgive if you covered this before. Excessive sunshine may have dimmed my mind. When you fire things a second time, is it typically at a different, higher or lower temperature? Or does that depend?

Steve A said...

On top of what JRA asked, does shiny vs matte get set the second time around?

limom said...

The answers you seek are coming right up.