Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Sort of Final

I'm beat.
It was a really nice day, but it was really hot.
Not Texas hot, but hot enough.
Clear skies and not a whole lot of wind, perfect day for the Honolulu Century Ride.
Here's the Prevaricating Garmin info:

A smaller crowd this year, I think only a couple thousand:

The organizers line us up in groups according to speed, but we snuck in with the fast guys, you know, to get away from the pack.
Getting set to take off:

I rode with Hoku all the way out and back.
Didn't get too many pictures cause we were sort of chasing down some of his friends who were in front of us.
Rest stop at ten miles out:

Sandy Beach, which I guess is the Horn.
It was a really clear day, so clear you could see Maui and Lanai.
If you squint your eyeballs:

This means we're way on the east side of the island.
Riders coming into the rest station with the rising sun:

Since I'm here, it means I didn't die on the Hill That Killed the Widow Maker.
In fact, I made it all the way up except I set a new record for max heart rate!
Riding with other folks invokes what I call the shameness factor and there was no way I was stopping.
So anyways, here we are headed for the Hill That Killed the Widow Maker's Maker:

The folks are getting all stretched out now and the line of riders was way up there.
More good news: I made it all the way up that hill too.
Shameness is an excellent motivator.
More on this and part two coming up.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Congratulations on the ride and the foldy soul-crushing. Soon your legend will spread.

limom said...

I proclaim myself The Celeste Avenger(TCA!)!
My alter ego.
Sort of.