Friday, September 9, 2011


Sort of.
I mean I didn't like walk all around downtown, but sort of on the outer edge.
First, I got some beach stuff.
I battled afternoon traffic to check out the surf which was supposed to be like 8-10 feet.
It wasn't:

It was kind of nice though, with the afternoon sun shining down making everything all golden like.
Some folks playing volleyball under the shadow of the super expensive high rises:

Folks out having a water walk:

Then it was time to fight traffic again and head downtown.
Okay, not really.
The place I was headed was only like five minutes away.
It was in downtown though.
Here's the Governors place:

He lives right across the street from the state capitol:

Which is right next door to Iolani Palace.
The only palace in these United States:

Across the street from the that, the shindig was already going:

The State Art Museum was actually an armed forces YMCA way back in the day.
I used to catch the bus there, on that side of the street.
Also way back in the day.
The galleries are on the second floor:

There were actually three or four different exhibits going on, which was pretty cool.
I got to see a lot of new stuff, and a lot of older stuff, stuff that had been acquired through gifts and donations.
Here's my thingy, all by its lonesome:

I gotta say, it all feels a bit surreal to have my stuff sitting in there.
It was about year ago when it was sitting on my table surrounded by all my other crap.
Now, it's there amidst some pretty heavy hitters.
I couldn't help feeling like it was out of place.
I think it's because when I do stuff like that, I don't take it very seriously.
It's not like I really labored over it, or struggled with it or it has some sort of meaning.
I dunno, maybe I'm just tired of looking at it.
Seeing all the other work though did sort of inspire me.
I need it for I was feeling rather uninspired.
Which is not a good thing for I need to get started on something new.


Mark said...


John Romeo Alpha said...

Congrats on your Tour de Clay win, it's great to see you up there on the podium.

limom said...

Old news.
You're only as good as the day you are in.
Today, I got nothing.
Then again, I might have something.

johnnytrashbike said...

that's really cool, congrats!

Rat Trap Press said...

It must be cool to see something you made displayed in a museum. Congratulations.

Great photos! I love seeing that blue water and palm trees.

limom said...

Thanks guys.