Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Final Final

So I was pretty proud of myself for not dying on those two hills.
The only thing was that we gotta do them again on the way back.
Still I was feeling pretty fresh knowing I was getting close to Flat Tire Land:

As you can see, only a few puff puffs in the sky.
We didn't get the full on tail wind that we usually get around here.
Still, it was nice to be cutting through some still air.
Oh Flat Tire Land, I can see you now!

We cut through the back roads of Waimanalo, I usually go straight on through.
Then I was attacked!

Not one folding bike, but two!
I was almost surrounded!

They're getting away!
Just when I was feeling so good about making those other hills, I was about to have my soul crushed by two folding bicycles!
Not today.
I passed them both about halfway up.
Oh yeah baby.
Rest stop in the heart of Flat Tire Land:

Since I was in my back yard, I passed on the free handout stuff and went for the gold!
I went ahead and got me a Snickers Ice Cream bar, you know as a reward for passing them folding bicycle attackers.
A bit of rest and then the journey back:

That's Hoku there, setting the pace.
The Twin Evilness was no problem going back, I think the grades are lower on the return trip.
As I mentioned earlier, it was a bit toasty and with the calm winds, we were feeling the heat come off the asphalt.
We couldn't wait to get back.
Hoku took out his Tarmac:

His friend, who we met up with in Flat Tire Land, was riding a nice Serotta:

It was nice to actually ride with other folks as we took turns up front and rode a pretty nice pace.
My front derailleur acted up, I think I stretched the cable so I lost my big ring about five miles out. I did a lot of spinning which wasn't so bad.
All in all, a great day on the bike.
Now, I gotta take take of this:

First though, I need a nap.

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