Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

Today is work on the clay thingys day.
My deadline is looming so I got to get going.
I've been working on a couple of concepts for these things I been making.
The teapot thingys I mean.
I was trying to find a theme, or at least some kind of guide for I wasn't sure where I was going.
When I did the UFTs, the thing I started to see was a tank like vehicle, the spout being the cannon and the lid a sort of turret.
I guess if you take the nozzles off the ones I made, tank would instantly come to mind.
Which I didn't like so much because of the tracked thing I'm doing:

I mean I just didn't like the idea of making simple tanks.
The idea was to have ground tea vehicles this time, instead of spaceship thingys, but after looking at what I was doing and where I was going, tanks is what I got.
Or at least armored vehicles.
So instead of going low, like in this sketch here:

You can see there, I was even toying with some camo patterns, to break up the roundness and give them a geometric look.
Sort of like the camo they used on ships during the war which was designed by a guy named Wilkinson, who happend to be an artist:

I'm going to go vertical, to sort of abstract the tank concept.
I mean tanks are supposed to be low to the ground so I'm going to make them sort of tall and lean:

I'm also going to make them small.
Small is good as I can make them faster(hopefully) and I can fire more than one at a time.
The vehicle I'm working on now will be sort of a command vehicle or something.
Sort of a transformerish tea-bot army.
I need to make them more mechanical looking and I've haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do that.
I'm thinking the camo will help.
Okay, time to hit the wheel and do what I do.
Stay tuned.


Steve A said...

A dazzle painted, armored teapot sounds really cool!

Steve A said...

Speaking of which, by coincidence, did you see

John Romeo Alpha said...

Teapots ready for action!

limom said...

Cool link!
I didn't know any of em were still painted like that.

Just got back from my ride and got another idea.
Really teeny tiny "cute" teabots.
Not that I make cute stuff.
My pots are like strong.
Manly even.