Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Part I Dread

The glaze will make or break this piece.
Words of wisdom from Steve A.
Boy, talk about pressure!
So with Steve A.'s words ringing in my head, I started to think about how I'm going to glaze teathingy two:

First, some problems.
Teathingy three developed some cracks:

The one on the top is the one I'm most worried about.
It's on the rim where the lid sits and when they are there, they usually come back in the firing.
The other ones, at the join areas, I took care of last night:

Teathingy three is on the the launch pad, ready to be baked into immortality.
Now, the glaze part.
I was up until the wee hours last night, my brain filled with colorful visions.
None of them stuck.
I don't think I'm going with the dazzle camo.
For one thing, too much trouble and for another, I don't think I can execute it properly.
Getting straight geometric stuff is hard to do and it takes some time, which I don't have.
So I'm back to solid colors:

That's pretty much my palette right there.
Thing is, I used up all my nice combinations on the UFTs so I don't quite know what to do.
I'm leaning towards using the combination I did on the UFT that stayed at home, yellow and red.
The thing is, I'm sort of stuck between going serious or goofy.
The dazzle would have been more on the serious side, and goofy is well, goofy.
Later this morning I'll be off the ceramic place to pick up a few more glazes, so I'll have to figure this out soon.
What will it be?
Maybe yellow and black, like the Ciocc?
Stay tuned.


Steve A said...

Golly, I did not mean to increase the stress level. You do stuff neither I nor most of your readers could dream of with pottery. Remember what Doris Day sang: Que Sera Sera...

Neon or camo will be interesting. Even cracks. Que Sera Sera...

Andrew Cooper said...

Go for old machinery? Silver? Grey? Bits of rust?

limom said...

Steve A., you made the call!
The glaze does make or break a piece. Fortunately, most of the the stuff that didn't come out found the dumpster.
Except for that ugly blue thingy I did a while back.
I should to do a Hall of Shame post.

AC, you sir are a clairvoyant.
More on this later.