Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Final

Boy, I'm pooped.
Way more pooped than the usual pooped.
Not as pooped as The Dog, who made two big poops.
I guess you, the reader, didn't need to know that.
About The Dog I mean.
So anyways, I went out to the gara- uh, studio, and finished up and started some stuff.
I was able to get the lid done for the first thingy, and I was also able to start the tall skinny thingy:

That's all I got done for the first thingy needed to be redone.
More on that later.
Then I went out for my ride.
The first twelve miles or so weren't too good.
After my six mile warm up, I was about to throw in the towel for my vision was getting sort of goofy.
Oh no, I thought, not some Dehydration Induced Low Blood Pressure Syndrome(DILBPS)!
Haven't been there in some time so maybe it was today.
Which is odd for it usually doesn't happen on Sunday.
Then again, I been feeling odd all week.
Well, I took it sort of easy for the next five miles or so, using The Big Ring but only doing about 70 rpms.
Then, after my cream soda and an ice cream sandwich, of the Neapolitan variety, I felt way better.
I would have taken a picture of the Neapolitan ice cream sandwich, but my camera batteries went south.
It was good.
The Neapolitan ice cream sandwich I mean.
So anyways, I went and stepped on the gas the rest of the way home.
I would have kept going, but I had some work to do.
I needed to get that command vehicle thingy done.
Which I did:

Sort of.
I misplaced one of my extruder thingys, sort of important, so I had to improvise a bit.
It actually worked out okay.
Not spectacular, but okay.
Then I was fooling around with another idea, and okay didn't seem so okay anymore.
So I took everything apart and put it back together again:

Instead of the solid looking thing holding up the pot, I made a spring looking thingy.
I wish I had thought of this earlier, it would saved me a couple of hours.
Anyways, I added some portholes to the lid and some light fixture thingys later so now I'm pretty much done.
Just hope it makes it through the firing, which I'll probably do Tuesday or Thursday.
I hope.
Then I still have the other two thingys to finish up.
Boy, I think I'm cutting it pretty close again.
We'll see if I make it.
Stay tuned.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Getting tea out of it might be difficult, unless you install a push button and a pump to shoot tea out of the nozzle. Hey...

limom said...

Looking back ten years or so, the Flat Tire Modern Era(FTME), I think I've only made three teapots that were actually meant to pour.
All of them had functional spouts, though you'd be hard pressed to used them.
Actually I made a functional teapot just last year.
Must have been having an off day.